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  1. Sorry for the delay in replying! End result of exercise = no change, disappointment, frustration. The offer was upgrade to IQ3 box, no cost, self-install, HD. One only cost of $75. I was a platinum subscriber, but decided to take the opportunity to drop sport & kids, neither of which I ever look at. Agreed and got confirmation email the next day, saying box would arrive in 1-5 business days. New sub rate would be $96/month. Now paying $119 platinum on basic IQ box. So OK, probably could be better, but OK. Started frantically watching or dubbing content on existing box. Made sure someone was home all day every day. After 7 business days and no box, I rang. Hours later (or so it seemed) I was told that as I was downgrading from platinum, the box would not arrive until late July, in line with my billing date. I'm afraid I told them to cancel the whole shebang. I want a working box for next Monday (mad GoT fan) and will take no risks. I was already dubious, and they confirmed my fears. The chances of getting a good result were unlikely, IMO, so I cancelled. Anyone interested can see an offer on the Foxtel site for free upgrade to IQ3 and $137/month for platinum. BTW, as a bit elderly and unused to accents, I found that all the Asians I spoke to during this exercise to be very difficult to understand. My bad, I guess. BTW, I have 65% free space on the current box now!
  2. I have been offered an upgrade to IQ3 - I still have the original IQ box - I am tempted to upgrade. Advice please! Lou
  3. Hi, Had a phone call today from Foxtel - as we have been loyal subscribers at Platinum level for over 10 years (ouch, yes really), they would like to give us a special deal to upgrade from our basic IQ. I was interested until they mentioned an upgrade to the IQ3. I said I'd be interested in an IQ2 perhaps, but not the IQ3 as I didn't believe they had fixed all the bugs. Heavy sales talk didn't even interest me in asking about the deal - I said ring back in 6 months and I'd see what other subscribers were saying about the IQ3. So what's the story with the IQ3 these days? All bugs fixed? Lou
  4. Was planning to call Foxtel but it suddenly resolved itself. Problem lasted for several days - I'm not potty!
  5. Oh well, my solution works: I'm deleting the stuck "searching" entries and renewing the programs in the IQ from the EPG. The strange thing is that series-linked programs are being scheduled accurately if the next program is in a day or two (eg SBS & ABC news, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) but it's only stuck on "searching" if the next program is a week away. (Have waited over 24 hours for it to change/update) BTW the ABC had an hour news tonight (east coast low special) but our IQ only recorded the usual half hour news. Very annoyed to miss the financial section and especially the weather! Lou
  6. Hi, I noticed a time lag over the last few days with next episodes in a series link being scheduled. Sometimes taking a few hours. Looking closer at the recordings on the IQ, I found I'd missed a few shows completely, and blamed Easter for scheduling variations. Now I see that the last 5 series-linked programs from last night to this morning are there listed for next week as "searching". Is it my IQ box? The foul Sydney weather? Any ideas please. Lou
  7. Yes! I'm neither fussy nor very observant, but I noticed and was not happy! Lou
  8. When my Sony DVD recorder went kaput a few years ago I put it in for a quote to fix. Outrageous quote so I picked it up and bought a new one. (< $500) The old one is still hooked up as I can still record and play on the hard drive. Touch wood the new one is still going strong. Repairs to a disk drive are not done I believe, instead it's replaced and charged at a ridiculous markup.
  9. And why should there be watermarks anyway? I would never watch a movie with a bloody great blob on the sceen all the time (have already bid a fond farewell to World Movies). I know watermarks don't worry some people, but they distract me and can ruin a program for me. If you want to see the full effect of the reduction in the number of the stations, you just need to look at the planner for movies. Box Office used to be well down the bottom of page 2, now it's near the top. I'm not happy - a price reduction for the reduced service may have helped. Ha Ha.
  10. If you say so you must be right...... [there's always one reply like this] I find it annoying and feel like a fool for paying for the privilege. Not OK by you?
  11. Well, the list of programs for Soho (what a stupid name) look good. Sadly I'll see no more of The Young & The Restless because I stopped watching Arena when they introduced their ridiculous watermark (which looks like a speech bubble and often sits over someone's face). Oh I know Y&R is crap, but I liked to keep up by watching once a month or so. Yes, I'll cope without it. Looks like True Blood & other great shows are starting back to S1 Ep 1. That's OK but sad to see ads and watermarks in quality shows. Here is my first HUGE concern: the number of ads on some of our pay stations would make chs 7, 9, 10 blush. I will not put up with more than 3 breaks per hour, and each has to be much less than 4 minutes. I'll not accept any ad breaks in new True Blood, or any other Showcase program. Secondly I am terrified of the watermark Soho may have, "W" is just one letter in the bottom right-hand corner. I can barely tolerate that. Four letters up top would cut the station from my viewing list completely. I currently pay over $120 per month to Foxtel (2 rooms, not HD). The last few weeks I have found much less to watch than usual, (no olympic interest at all) and have been considering value for money. August 20 will be "Reassment Day". Shall I stay with Foxtel, or is it time to quit? Things aren't getting better - slippery slopes and all that. Remember when Mad Men had no ad break? So, as I watch a fair bit of W, I'm looking at any change in Soho in particular re Number of ads (if any) and their duration Watermarks These will be the deciding factors. $120 every month could buy lots of boxed sets of True Blood, Dexter, Damages, Borgias, Newsroom, etc, all with no ads and no watermarks. Buying and selling again on Ebay would keep prices down. And then there's the "other means" I keep hearing about! Apparently free, though I really don't want to steal! If someone has seen the Soho watermark, please put me out of my misery!
  12. Simple answer: too damn much! There are so many ads on the new FX station, as well as on 13thst, UK, etc, that we get sick and tired of fastforwarding thru them. We got Pay TV to avoid that! We are obviously stupid. $128 per month, Platinum, not HD, 2 outlets, magazine. Lou who is currently looking elsewhere for ad-free programs. Willing to pay.
  13. I confess I get a bit shirty when people are given free something I'm paying for. It's not good PR for the "faithful customer". Anyway, this week I've watched 3 movies, and enjoyed them until the end credits started rolling. Almost immediately over the credits and music there is a loud series of ads for other movies, or cast members discussing the film and their role. How I despise this! Too bad if you want to know anything about the cast or crew. From now on I am IQ'ing movies and dubbing to DVD so I can edit out that particular irritation. It doesn't take much effort and stops my blood pressure spiking. Then I can relax and enjoy the movie. Why does Foxtel think that their free movie trial will appeal to people with that sort of (channel 9 type) nonsense spoiling the movies? No wonder so many people buy, rent or download their programs!
  14. From that article: "In the past, Foxtel has deliberately restricted their customers from having access to attach storage devices or internet based services by disabling components within the current Foxtel set top box offerings." I have a DVD recorder attached to my IQ, that's not unusual is it? Lou
  15. I really enjoy the magazine and would be angry to lose it. I look forward to it each month. As a platinum subscriber I have already been hit by the loss of the 2 free box office movies, and won't accept any more cuts. There are lots of channels I never look at, so would prune my sub if pushed any more! There are currently 2 box office movies I'd love to see, but I can't justify the cost on top of what I already pay. Will just have to wait. Not happy.