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  1. Thanks all for your replies to my observations. Now you make it tough. I really would like the extra tuner, might mean I have to go down the back yard and dig up a jam jar or two. For all the BW minor irritations and and complexity, I believe that it is the best of all the devices I have had over the years.. But not for the faint hearted.
  2. I thought warranty was 1 year. Repair was done after around 18 months. Or have I read it all wrong? Not to worry, still going along happily, says he boot in mouth.
  3. Now after 2 1/2 years, still going. Weeellll, after 2 hiccups. One was infant mortality. Continual reboot. Replaced under warranty. One was a power supply failure. About a year ago. Factory repair. My only need is another tuner.
  4. Too many "copy that", "Asset in place" "activate the asset" for mine. But still addictive.
  5. Try this link
  6. Certainly seems correct that it would be a reception issue. But I think before anyone can give you some reasonable advice, it would be useful to know, where you are, how far away from the transmitters you are pointing to. Are there any buildings in the line of sight. Has there been a new construction there. A point to note would be that the pixillation should show up on all Ch2, not just ABC2, as they are transmitted along the one frequency, and split up once they get into the receiver (PVR) The same of course is true for other broadcasters.
  7. Concur.I had one for many years, used the same method to transport it PC and edit.
  8. yes, I agree with all that, looking at some of the HD broadcasts from the US Grid Iron, absolutely crystal clear, no blurring. I think ch9 may have had an HD b'cast for the rugby league at one stage recently. I recall looking at that and thinking how good it was. 3D for me would just be an exercize to record and see what the quality is like when they decide to do something like that.
  9. Ch 7 have announced that they will be broadcasting the AFL grand final in 3D on ch 40. Anyone have any idea when that LCN will be activated. I imagine it will be from C31?
  10. Have a look at these sites in the post. May give you a start point to find a set of settings for your particular Pana screen As I said in the post, I waited for a few weeks, then had a professional cailbration done. I used these as a base to go from, but then I found that every time I changed one setting, other parts of the PQ went west. It seemed I was going round in circles. Very frustrating. Bit the bullet and had a professional job done. Happy with the result.
  11. Saw it at the cinema yesterday. The extras before and after the episode weren't shown on TV, but I guess they will be shown as separate extras later on. The segment with Strax describing all the doctors was hilarious. Peter Cipaldi did a great job Cant wait to see the whole series.
  12. On my ST60, I had similar outline/edge issues, plus shadows on some of the more brilliant backgrounds. Eventually went for a professional calibration. Made all the difference. Maybe have a look at this thread