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  1. Ahhh... yes I see it there. And as pointed out it is in the Digital TV section, nothing to do with digital radio. I was incorrectly assuming that the reference to was talking about this post on DRM, not a different old post on DRM. Very easy to confuse when there is no qualification of posts. Now, if we can only get a response to
  2. True and point taken, but to say that it is posted in a section which does not exist nor did it when posted is erroneous at the least - but I seemingly on par.
  3. Is it? All I see is "Other Forums", "Television and Radio" and probably more pertinent "Off Topic". Possibly fair enough. Never. But how about Eyre Highway a few dozen or more times? "Live radio" as opposed to... dead radio? Could you be just a tad more explicit in your question?
  4. And that has what to do with them not broadcasting the first hour of his program in Perth as well as the two programs preceding it after the breakfast program which is available to rest of the DAB+ audiences in the other cities? By the same thinking then, they may as well not be broadcasting part of Tracey Vo's programs!!! As per usual you are telling me what I already know, (not that I have said so as such) that being I am fully aware that Glynn has a job at one of the tertiary institutions, because he is who I first corresponded with regard to the non-broadcasting of his program two years ago.
  5. And they have gone back to their old habits in Perth of continuing after the breakfast program with their Saturday morning Sports Talk program on the local ABC Perth digital service instead of breaking away as they should to the nation wide alternate program. They only do this in the non daylight saving period. The sport program is also broadcast on the Grandstand digital service as well as the normal statewide AM and FM local radio stations so there is absolutely no need for it to be on the local Perth ABC radio digital service too. I had correspondence with the station manager two years ago when they started to do it and was told that it was to get more coverage via the digital service. (Edit: It was also suggested that I could listen to a rebroadcast of Glynns' program "It's Just Not Cricket" on Sunday morning at 4:00 am or some such ridiculous time!!! Or I could listen on line - but I didn't get a digital radio to be reliant on being tied to the computer) I did go on to point out that there was already the coverage on digital through the Grandstand channel. However a few weeks later as I recall it did change, but in hindsight I think that was because daylight saving started again. Last year they got it right but as I said they have got it wrong again this year ever since daylight saving finished. Hey Alan, maybe with your alleged connections you can get it sorted. After all, you have said that Glynn Greensmith's program is worth listening to, so surely you too are not happy about their nonbroadcasting of the first hour here in Perth? And Glynn often promotes the alternate program availability on digital of his and other programs when sport is on, so for Perth to NOT broadcast it is surely incorrect by the programmers.
  6. And this relates to Australia...? Just could be - on more than one front.
  7. My commenting of this was not in particular at JTK, but rather more an indication of items once again brought up by our favourite commenter and our taking the bait thereby going off topic. I have deliberately been keeping out of participating in threads for a while because of running with them off topic, and/or having my own comment(s)/observations turned back at me with embellishments to make it look as though I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about and that there is only one person here qualified to provide us with all we should know or need to know. Whilst I don't have a comprehensive knowledge I do have a reasonable cross sectional idea and am open to correction - such as my remark above on standby TXs. As far as the topic goes, it is all very well for that nation to be doing what they are, but that is them with different geography and vastly smaller area than Australia. DRM may be able to provide the coverage but it is still in its infancy with regard to take up or availability of receivers, unlike the incumbent analog. To suggest that we here should implement the change to DAB, sorry, for the pedants DAB+, from analog in the same manner as was done with TV and have a "cuttoff" is at the moment a proverbial pipe dream. OK have a cutoff but it would have to be something like twenty years away. Why? There are far, far, far more analog radios in use and would need replacing then there ever was TVs, and radios (I would imagine based on my personal experience) don't get replaced or upgraded like TVs. The vehicle manufacturers are slowly coming onboard, but let's have look at the provision of radios in cars. They were rare in the 60s especially as a standard fitment, in fact a non event except for the really high end makes and models. In the 70s they began to be provided as standard in except possibly the very base model, but that was soon done away with and even they were being given a radio as standard, and then only AM across the board. FM had barely begun and if you wanted an FM/AM radio you had to typically get it as aftermarket and probably as a cassette radio unit which wasn't bad. How many years later did it become standard for the provision of an FM/AM radio pretty much everywhere? And that's not changing from one method of transmission to completely replace another as is being suggested with analog to digital. So I think to be continually saying, "look at what this country is doing, we should be doing the same", is a touch premature and needs a lot of forethought. It isn't going to/can't happen overnight or a couple of years. There is just plainly and simply too much in the way of receiver infrastructure out there to change over as well as just simply the provision/manufacture of same.
  8. Standby transmitters? Lots have them. I don't know if all do, but most of the higher power ones and those in the capital and larger cities and centres have one. Possibly the odd one or three lower power rural sites may not. I'm guessing that is what is being referred to. But as per usual, this is going off topic.
  9. I think there could be a problem with that. 48kHz is what is used in the television industry - certainly in Australia at the least, and if the "samples" I have which is sourced from overseas is any indication, so do they. Here are a couple of interesting reads [This link needs the bracket on the end, but is doesn't seem to want to work in the translation here.] I was talking with a tech/engineer today about this and he said 48kHz is used because it fits in with the video rate whereas 44.1 doesn't - or at least not when the system is setup to use 48.
  10. The reason why they are listening to the DAB+ service needs to be told, not just they are listening to it instead of the FM.In my instance FM reception is extremely poor without careful placement of the contained/extending antennae. The only real way for a decent signal to noise ratio - particularly for a stereo signal - is to use an outdoor one, ie the TV antennae and that is too much stuffing around. Therefore I would listen to the DAB+ service which has ample strength. The reason behind something always needs to be taken into consideration. Now, enough of this and get back to the topic. If you wish to take it further, take it to the appropriate thread or start a new relevant one - unless of course if your aim is to disrupt nearly every thread that has something you don't agree with, you are doing a bang-up job.
  11. Alanh, is it at all possible for you to not be constantly and consistently attacking nearly everything or anything that MLXXX or a few others post? PLEASE! Just because only one person as such has posted DOES NOT mean that ONLY one person is interested. Perhaps the number of views of the thread may have some semblance of interest in it albeit many would be of a cursory interest. Using your logic back at you I will venture to say, once again, that just because there is three and a half million listeners to DAB+ does not mean that they are all satisfied with what they hear - it just means that they listen to it, good, bad or indifferent. Most of them will be indifferent to the quality of it versus FM or what it should be like with a decent bit rate, and of those who are aware of it, most are willing to just accept it while the remainder, such as MLXXX are not and are willing to put themselves out there and comment on it. However it seems unfortunate that people as such then come up against those who seem to think that this alleged low quality is a load of old hooey and are basically telling those who are willing to rail against this norm that is being thrust at us, to shut up and accept it. Now, can we please get back on topic. P.S. Have you?
  12. Then please explain it to the rest of us. As are not you, and what does that have to do with anything said in MLXXX's post?
  13. Don't get out much then do we. Given the number of users who HAVE and DO describe the sound as "tinny" or "metallic" you are the lone wolf adhering to this stance. Going by your viewpoint, everyone but you has a crap receiver. My receiver is not small and has a four inch driver in a well enclosed structure which produces a sound I was quite pleased to hear. The FM sound is good yet when I listen to the digital equivalent it has a distinct characteristic of insufficient bit rate. My ears are not as good as they were yet I can still pick it. You describe one person here as having "Golden ears", maybe we could suggest you have lead ones. I'll be one of them. And by the way it is not only when listening via the loudspeaker, it also discernible via headphones or if I plug it into my hifi. Agree whole heartedly.
  14. And this is the yardstick which Alanh is extolling its virtues that we should follow! Oh, and not forgetting DRM for which the number of receivers available here is extremely low.