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  1. I do hope he sees this point, but at this stage I think the idea of something shiny and new appeals.
  2. It appears that he just wants to buy a complete system.
  3. Check out the sales at West Coast HiFi at the moment .. they will sell you a system.
  4. I have one for sale (Bowers & Wilkins AWS650) .... see for sale section. Great value to be had ....
  5. Yes 2 subs do provide a smoother response around the room, but it seems budget and having the room may go against this.
  6. Do you want to include a sub in this system?
  7. Crumpet. ..this looks very tasty ?
  8. I appreciate the feedback people .... particularly when the tone of the advice is largely positive.
  9. The more all the questions are being asked, it DOES open up possibilities about room issues, yet despite the hump at 35-40Hz the bass is tight and well defined. I think I am now in full possession of the facts and I now must make some decisions. Many thanks for your thoughts.
  10. I am sitting in the middle of the room in terms of left to right and sitting 4.2 metres back from the front speakers in a room of length 6.0 metres. So essentially I am two-thirds back. The doors are usually open, for listening to 2 channel music. The only time I close them is to watch a movie in daytime when you want to have a pitch black room, which I can do.
  11. Yes ....Actually I have done this ... and it can make a difference to the sound but it made diddly squat difference to the frequency output levels .... I have been told that by moving the speakers I can remove a 35-40Hz hump in my frequency response.
  12. I can't see how moving the speakers slightly inward is going to remove the 35-40Hz hump.
  13. Thanks for your advice Al. I understand what to do in terms of equalisation for the subs.