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  1. New Uhd Samsung Bd Player

    I have just received an auto update of 1011.4 firmware. I will test my four problem movies again in the next few days and report back. Really hoping the new firmware solves my problems with these discs. Bernie
  2. New Uhd Samsung Bd Player

    Watched oblivion last night, it played without a hiccup. but when I put Sully back in it was still very bad. so the setting change in the TV did not improve the experience.
  3. New Uhd Samsung Bd Player

    Had a long chat with Au Samsung support person, who agreed the problem I am having is probably going to be fixed by a new firmware update sometime in the future. he recommended that I do This:- "For the meantime, try to turn on Auto Motion Plus on the Samsung TV by going to Settings > Picture > Expert Settings > Auto Motion Plus." I will test my movies again with this setting changed tonight.
  4. New Uhd Samsung Bd Player

    I have now watched Mad Max fury road, and xXx return of Xander Cage both played without a single hiccup. Only the 5 mentioned in the above post have stuttering sound and slide show pictures on my Samsung UBD-K8500 player with firmware 1010.
  5. Amazon Us Delivery Times Poll

    The article arrived today, here is tracking data. Shipping information received by Australia Post 08:36am Tue 23 May, SUNSHINE WEST VIC. Shipping information approved by Australia Post 02:17pm Tue 23 May, SUNSHINE WEST VIC Departed facility 10:54pm Thu 25 May, LOS ANGELES (US) Arrived at facility in destination country 01:47pm Sun 28 May, MELBOURNE (AU) Processed through Australia Post facility 02:28pm Mon 29 May, SUNSHINE WEST VIC Awaiting Collection at GEMBROOK PO 07:59am Tue 30 May, GEMBROOK VIC Delivered 09:09am Tue 30 May, GEMBROOK VIC By Delivered they mean I personally picked it up from the Post office, because there is no mail delivery in my area.
  6. New Uhd Samsung Bd Player

    I have done a survey of the 50 UHD movies I own so far, and found only 5 movies that give me problems .with my player. The complete set of 5 Bourne movies do not give any problems with my player, nor do the 4 Harry Potter movies, nor do the 2 Smurfs movies. independence day 1 & 2, huntsman 1 & 2, iron man set of 3 and start trek set of 3, and X-men set of 3 do not give any problems with my player. Angels & demons, battleship, davinci code, deepwater horizon, Inferno, Lego movie, Lucy, man of steel, Pacific rim, Salt, and some 5 documentary movies do not give any problems with my player . The only 5 movies I have problems with are, The mummy, mummy tomb of dragon emperor, Oblivion, Storks and sully. I have not yet watched Mad Max fury road, but as soon as I do I will edit this post.
  7. Replacement Amaray 4K Ultra HD cases

    I am getting quite a collection of different 4K UHD cases. so I am happy to supply those who need a few.
  8. New Uhd Samsung Bd Player

    I have downloaded that firmware from their website and placed it on a USB stick before. But the software in the player will not allow a downgrade to a previous firmware only an upgrade to a newer firmware. So I am desperately waiting for a newer firmware now. Maybe firmware version 1011 if and when it comes out will solve everything. I remember the early days of Blu-ray with almost a new version of firmware every month on my Sony BDP-S300. On several occasions certain Blu-ray discs did weird things till the next firmware update came out. It was so bad that some Blu-Ray discs had a popup at the beginning suggesting you update your firmware before playing that disc. That was before the days, that players had wifi and did their own updating so long as you allowed it to connect to your home wifi network.
  9. New Uhd Samsung Bd Player

    I believe your first sentence sums up my hassles. The titles that give me most difficulty are:- Sully, Storks The mummy, (but not mummy returns or dragon emperor) & oblivion to name the worst offenders. I think my biggest mistake was to assume 1010 firmware might fix it, but I think it may have made it worse. and there is no way the machine will let me go back to 1009 firmware.
  10. New Uhd Samsung Bd Player

    This description sounds very similar to my problem, on my player with firmware 1010.
  11. what firmware are you on 1009 or 1010 ?
  12. I think I will play the 1080 BR copy of these movies until a more advanced UHD player becomes available. the amount of time and money wasted trying to solve the problem is not worth it for now. The only thing I might try to do is go back to a previous firmware on the player. I believe version 1010 was withdrawn a few days after its release. might talk to Dave Gatti about going back to 1009 firmware.
  13. The Fifth Element 4K UHD

    Don't know but Amazon choice was pay in AUD. and this is what it said Item(s) Subtotal: $22.99 Shipping & Handling: $6.98 Total before tax: $29.97 Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00 Grand Total: $29.97
  14. Is it possible all the movies that cause trouble have either DTS:X or Dolby atmos while most of the ones that play fine dont have these audio options.
  15. Hi Folks The Fifth Element 4K UHD is now available for preorder from Amazon US for US $22.99. That is less than $30 posted to Australia.