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  1. Black Friday 2013 Deals

    I just bought 23 titles....damn you amazon
  2. Apparently the soniq isnt multi region but this toshiba is:
  3. Blu Ray Title Trade

    I'll grab Cop Out (AU) Predators (AU) Machete (AU) The Social Network (AU) PM Sent
  4. Alien - Prequel

    Ok, to make it clear, Promethius IS NOT AN ALIEN PREQUEL. If you looked at the whole movie, 95 percent of it is entirely unto itself. Ridley said it right: If you're a fan and you look closely, you'll spot strands of DNA." If i take a crap and write Weyland-Yutani on it, or make it horseshoe shaped, does that make it an alien prequel, or is it still a steaming pile of crap with aliens stuff written into it? Don't get me wrong, i do think it COULD be a good movie, but why put aliens stuff into it if it has NOTHING to do with the aliens series (other than of course the Weyland-Yutani/horseshoe shaped ship) THAT is what has me pissed off. The movie is its own thing, leave Alien/s the **** alone and stop trying to create hype by using Alien/s. The fact that they have had to do this has made my enthusiasm for the movie PLUMMET. If they had left the alien "dna" out of it, then yeah, I would probably still be very interested in the movie. P.S. Thread title needs changed.
  5. Alien - Prequel

    Ok, This thread needs to die, or atleast have the title changed. Obviously this movie has nothing to do with aliens (other than stealing parts of it in an attempt to boost popularity of ANOTHER SF thriller) Lame.
  6. Ill grab that please Figjam, Still have: Total Recall Commando To pass on
  7. Blu Ray Title Trade

    I'll take it off your hands if you give me $10 to take it
  8. Blu Ray Title Trade

    whoops, double post...
  9. Blu Ray Title Trade

    Glad i still have my sealed tin tdk then
  10. Black Friday Sales 2011

    I also got X-Men First Class, also got and
  11. Black Friday Sales 2011

    I'm well aware of all of this, but in no rush to get any of them, hence why its taken me to long to bother getting them
  12. Black Friday Sales 2011

    Star Wars, LOTR EE, Fight Club, thats about all i can think of at the moment
  13. Just watched TRON Legacy...MY GOD, my Submersive was deadly while watching this, pretty sure the neighbors were worried an earthquake was happening during the first tank scene. Definately a 5 star reference disk for audio. Actually made the movie barely watchable