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  1. well it isn't my Humax that is the problem, our TV channels keep dropping out now , the antenna guy is coming out again on Tuesday so I am hoping he can find the problem as it is starting to get really annoying
  2. Peter we usually only have the main TV set on at any one time, usually one other set is on when we are eating & the third when my husband is watching the AFL ( but I am usually not recording then)
  3. He just tested the strength of the outlet in the lounge room which is where the Humax is
  4. Still in warranty thanks though for the help
  5. Looked in the manual but couldn't find anything about USB drives
  6. We rarely watch TV but when we do we haven't noticed any reception problem just every now & then on a recording
  7. If I was to format the hdd would it help with this problem Also can I transfer a couple of movies from the Humax to aUSB drive & what files system does the drive have to be in
  8. Thanks will try that
  9. We have an amplifier on the antenna & a 3 way splitter as we have 3 TV sets, this problem has only been happening for the last couple of months & the antenna, amplifier & splitter have been here for just over 12 months
  10. I am having a bit of trouble , I have a Humax HDR-7510T sometimes when I go to play a recording I get a message saying that there was no signal & the program couldn't be recorded but when I click OK it plays as normal. Another thing occasionally when playing a recording the picture breaks up & even jumps so we miss parts of the recording, we have had the antenna guy out & he has checked & said it is OK, could the problem actually be with the Humax
  11. wrong post sorry
  12. Thanks Mike, have a good weekend
  13. Thanks for your help, just 1 silly question, how do I know how big the recording I want to copy is ;(