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  1. It certainly does work with the 6011. I have mine working with an external amp.
  2. No worries Dylan, I am probably going to do the same myself at some stage Looking good thanks mate.
  3. No worries thanks Dylan. Don't stress on my account! Appreciate everything you are doing.
  4. Projector central calculator says 4.8m, with a range between 3.6m and 7.5m. Recommended seating distance @4.8m is 3.7 - 5.8m.
  5. Looking great thanks Dylan. That room looks very short though, or is it just the perspective?
  6. I have been using a Sony HAP-S1, and it has been working very well for this purpose.
  7. Thanks Dylan, looking great. The only obvious thing I can see is that the window frame will be black (although probably not worth worrying about if you are going to add curtains on that wall). Also, is that a 110" screen? It's looking like that cabinet height will need to be lowered to accommodate the centre channel speaker sitting on top of it.
  8. quick sketch of proposed cabinet attached Window dimensions are correct, and yes it is sliding. Thanks Dylan
  9. Wow, I suspect they just don't want to do it. My quote for the whole home theatre including walls, ceiling, doors & frames, skirting and dropped bulkhead was $473 for the lot (Wattyl Night Sky matt acrylic)
  10. Photo attached of something very similar. (hijacked this from another member - hope he doesn't mind!)
  11. Hey Dylan, Skirting is 90 x 19 with beveled top, black in colour. There is no cornice in this room, ceiling is square set. I will probably just use a standard (black) holland roller blind on the window, but I wouldn't worry about that too much mate, as that whole wall will have floor to ceiling curtains. I will also have led strip lighting in the curtain trough. Thanks!
  12. Thanks. I would have liked the length to width ratio to be a bit more, but there just wasn't room. Doors are soli-core flush (, rebated, with parliament hinges. They have Hume HAG9 patterned face - Thanks again! Edit: doors are 2340 high. Edit 2: Here are door handles too if you get keen!: