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  1. Hey, it's not like there's not a heap of Mr Puniverse AVRs out there with power supplies barely big enough to run a few light bulbs.
  2. They're both rated for 4 Ohm speakers IIRC and 90db is reasonably efficient, so I expect they would be fine.
  3. Yes, it's just a processor, no on-board amps, so you would need a separate power amp as well.
  4. I think you'll find the Onkyo is a pre-processor only, so that explains the puny power consumption. OP would need a separate power amp with the Onkyo. The Onkyo's room correction is still a cheap joke to save them adding another processor. Agree, I prefer Marantz, Denon and Yamaha in that order.
  5. It mentioned at post #3495 here.
  6. Blackman, I saw mention over on the Bluray.com forums that Oppo acknowledges there's a decoding issue with DV discs that causes the grey letterbox bars. Presumably there'll be another firmware update in time.
  7. Possibly, but agree it's unlikely.
  8. Was it switching off when all the speaker wires were still disconnected and the 3808 given some time to cool? If so, probably time to service or replace. If you'd reconnected all the speaker wires when it switched off again, then recheck at AVR and speaker ends for shorts. The other possibility is shorts from speaker cables being crushed under furniture or on sharp edges, or pet damage from chewing.
  9. Sounds like the protection system kicking in. Check for shorted speaker wires or overheating due to lack of ventilation/high volume.
  10. Should i get oppo 203 or 105

    Yes, that's it.
  11. Should i get oppo 203 or 105

    My recollection was the 105D also picked up some improvements in DSD audio processing, as well as the Darbee visual processing. Only relevant if you're going for DSD downloads or SACD. Edit, it was only high rate DSD downloads affected.
  12. Should i get oppo 203 or 105

    Yes, much better analog sound than the 203.
  13. Yep tech stuff can be so frustrating. But the 4300 sounds like a nice upgrade.