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  1. Al's suggestion of having a listen to a few of the B&W range is a good one, albeit IMO these absolutely need a decent power amp like the Elektra to shine.
  2. It probably depends if you like the laid back sound of the Spendors - I haven't heard that model, but they've got a reputation for rolled off treble and an emphasis on midrange response. Haven't been able to find specs, but looks like the Spendors don't have any nasty impedance dips and while not particularly efficient, not too hard to drive i.e. you may not get a huge difference with a power amp. I'd probably be more inclined to go with a new matching LCR set, but that may bring the slippery slope of purchasing something that needs some more grunt to drive properly and the need for a power amp... Do you have a forgiving wife?
  3. If they abandon DV it would give people a reason to return for a refund - earlier LG were definitive in claiming it would get DV support (presumably through a firmware update).
  4. On the other hand, you have return policies for many US retailers that let people return stuff for no good reason and get either a refund or (less commonly) store credit. It's not unusual to read on US forums of people buying several receivers to compare and then returning two for a refund. That must cost a bucket! Asia is a mixed bag of electrical voltage and other standards, so not exactly a single market - even a smaller market like Singapore gets better prices than here on many AV items (albeit last time I looked, TVs were dearer there).
  5. Agree that retailers' margins are likely to take a hit with Amazon's arrival. On the other hand Amazon has become less competitive on price and service in recent times (last few orders have taken nearly a week to ship and that includes one during a free trial of Prime). I'd love to see Amazon stick it to a few of the more outrageous markup culprits - are you listening Qualifi?
  6. While retailers' margins here are a bit higher than the US, so are their costs (wages, rent, power etc). The real source of outrageous markups are the local importers/distributors (whether manufacturer owned or independent) - these are the ones that deserve contempt.
  7. Most of the major brands will be Blu-ray/DVD nowadays. Looking at the local Pioneer website, their cheapest player is the BDP-180 with an RRP of $399 - I'd argue it's the nearest like for like.
  8. My one experience using a so-called "original" lamp in a BenQ wasn't impressive - definitely began to drop light output quicker than the factory lamp. Others have had good experiences with Pureglare etc.
  9. Believe Arthur still services these. Not sure I have his current email address, but will PM contact info.
  10. I understand Al's concerns about chinese cable after the Infinity electrical cable debacle, but the Digihaus stuff should be fine.
  11. You're actually still displaying it as 16:9 material, so no. An A-lens gives you a bit more brightness and can give a bigger picture when throw distance is limited, but you introduce more scaling using the stretch function, plus any optical distortions in the A-lens (quality varies). I use one of Mark T's Mk4 A-lenses and it is very sharp.
  12. They simply move the black bars off the screen unless you're using an anamorphic lens.
  13. Agree, the UB300 is bare bones - not even separate HDMI outputs for video and audio.
  14. That's good to hear, hope you have the replacement soon.
  15. So have they agreed to replace it, or just stuffed you around?