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  1. my idea of "better" is based on actual experience, so yes indeed, galaxies apart i said it "cleans up the picture considerably"
  2. simply walk up to a Samsung KS series and switch "digital clean view" off/on, get back to us when you have done that my initial advice was to switch it all off, but as pc9 pointed out, (and who owns one as well) it cleans up the picture considerably, at first i actually thought mine was off, but as you will see, it a staple filter than needs to be on on this particular series
  3. yes, that one definitely needs to stay on
  4. Blown Pixel LoL
  5. i dont think we are ready for that again LoL
  6. the whole movie is a favourite scene, but here you go, the whole shebang
  7. nah, its a favourite movie scene, its not a meme its like a recurring favourite scene from a movie
  8. timeless classic
  9. given the day, and its significance i went looking for this as it is one of the most memorable scenes from one of the all time classics "I'm shocked, SHOCKED, to find out gambling is going on here!" ... "Perdon, Messieur, your winnings! LOL! Vive la France
  10. ok i clicked Vimeo, cant find any reference to HD do you have a link, a/g/g that could make it easier for luddites like myself who still watch on 4:3 CRT televisions
  11. @hrh Samsung TVs are notorious for 1:1 pixel mapping only available on 1080i internal tuner source and 720p and above HDMI input source, so it will overscan on SD and the dot would disappear into the edges would this be melbourne broadcaster transmission fault only? similar to what was known as "ants" across the top of the CRT screens we used to get from time to time?
  12. i was actually more interested in your installation/TV/reception/antenna/hardware side of your business as there are quite a few knowledgeable people and hobbyists and professionals still left over and posting from the old, digital television era and knew you would fit right and enjoy the banter, and even help some newbs along the way the sales side of things i have no interest in myself, im sorted for HT and a TV LoL check with @Marc (forum admin) as to how far you can go with actually selling stuff in quantity, we have some really great Commercial Member plans available for a limited time only ;-) again, welcome
  13. @SUPCIN how did you find the forum, out of curiosity, was it recommended by any particular member here, an email ? just curious
  14. Hi Marc, i believe you bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the forum, welcome and congrats on your business i notice your very positive reviews and believe you did Russell Crow's installation ( a magpies supporter no doubt) lol im the local comedian, i install comedy