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  1. I have officially moved to the Sunshine Coast, so if you are close by & interested in purchasing a movie poster or 2, let me know. Thanks to all the people who purchased lightboxes/posters.
  2. I have posted pictures of all posters i have. Thanks
  3. The aftermarket posters are approximately 900 x 600mm
  4. So, I'm leaving Melbourne on Sunday 5th-July, so if you are thinking about buying a light box or posters, let me know ASAP. It's gunna be much more difficult for me to ship light boxes once I move interstate. If your in Melbourne or Victoria, it's gunna be harder for you to check them out too. There's still a few light boxes & quite a few posters left. I did have 50+ posters to start with, so that's to be expected.
  5. 1 more double sided cinema poster Astro Boy. $10. Slight edge wear.
  6. 3 more double -sided cinema posters The Rolling Stones, Shine a light. $40. VGC-EXC. Robin Hood. $20. Some edge wear. The Adventures of TIN TIN. $25. EXC
  7. 3 more double sided original cinema posters J Edgar. $15. VGC-EXC King Kong (head shot). $20. VGC-EXC. The Simpsons Movie. $50. EXC
  8. 2 more, single sided 1-sheet, original cinema posters Rolling Stones, Let's Spend the night Together, 1982. $50. Folded single sided 1-sheet My Week with Marilyn. $10. VGC. single sided 1-sheet
  9. 3 more, single sided 1-sheet, original cinema posters. The Lord of the Rings, FotR. $10. VGC. Jabberwocky, 1982. $20. Folded, single sided. VGC. More American Graffiti. $20. Folded, single-sided. VGC.
  10. 2 more, aftermarket posters. Star Wars, Return of the Jedi. $5. Aftermarket Poster. Rolling Stones, Shine a Light. $5. Aftermarket Poster.
  11. 3 More, aftermarket posters. Reservoir Dogs, $5. Aftermarket poster. Watchmen. $5. Aftermarket poster. Spider-Man 1. $5. Aftermarket Poster.
  12. I'll be adding photos of the following posters tomorrow. -J Edgar -King Kong -The Simpsons movie. -My week with Marilyn. Single sided 1-sheet. -The Lord of the rings, FotR. Single sided 1-sheet. -Rolling Stones, 1982 Let's spend the night together, concert. Single sided 1-sheet. -Rolling Stones, Shine a Light. Single sided 1-sheet. -Robin Hood -More American Graffiti -The Adventures of Tin Tin -Astro Boy -Jabberwocky. 1982. Single sided 1-sheet. -Star Wars, Return of the Jedi. Aftermarket poster. -Spider-man 1. Aftermarket poster. -Rolling Stones Shine a Light. Aftermarket poster. -Watchmen. Aftermarket poster.
  13. I've started adding prices and condition descriptions.
  14. G'day Yorac All the posters are USA 1-sheet size. You're too quick for me. I was going to add info & prices later today. The colour poster is $100 VGC The B&W poster is $50 VGC (slight edge wear)