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  1. If only I could afford that pre/pro!!
  2. I disagree there. Perhaps it's different with the 75inch you have, but I went to the retailers to buy the 65 inch 780. It was next to a Sony 8500, a Hisense 65N6 and a LG of some sort above it. Granted they were not calibrated some what, the Panasonic was the worst out of the bunch for sharpness and depth. There wasn't a whole lot in it between the sony and pana, but the three of us noticed it straight away. It may not have the best picture quality in our findings, but that certainly doesn't mean it is not a great unit.
  3. Seriously you need to grow up and realise that everything you think is right may not be the same for others. You preach some serious crap at times, and I swear you like to re-read your own posts over and over for self gratification. The Hisense TV's last year to current have been doing exceptionally well in individual professional testing, and in people's homes to date. No one here has stated they are as good as an OLED panel, but for edge lit they are now up the top with their peers and the retail pricing is starting to reflect this. But hey, since you don't own any of the models in question, you know best right? I wait in vain for you're counter-argument. There always is one!
  4. I can't really comment too much on that as I get cost from my retailer, but lets just say I paid around the average sell price of the 65N7. But every physical aspect of this panel looks more upmarket compared to the N7.
  5. I felt the same, but I couldn't justify the cost of the X9000. The store I visited had a Sony X8500E next to a similar sized (55inch) Hisense 55N6 and it was without doubt the N6 looked so much better! The Sony looked like there was a haze on the screen, no depth at all. In the end I walked out with the new Hisense 65N8 (sight unseen as it was the only one they had) and have it up on my wall. So far so good!
  6. Prime HD...coming in 2017

    Exactly. Gosh I will have a party when we (in Newcastle) even get Digital Radio!
  7. Control 4

    I'm a Push Controls Installer / Programmer so if you have any issues with Control 4 and what to head in another direction let me know.
  8. Anthem Mrx 710 On Sale SNA

    What DAC's are in these?
  9. WTB: Yamaha RX-A3060 Receiver

    @powerrangers I have a RX-A3060 if you are interested?
  10. Home theater installation

    Do you want to remain busy and make plenty of money? If so look elsewhere.
  11. Sony X9300D

    Isn't that a little "pot calling the kettle black" comment Owen? You say that the Plasma has a superior image, then say it's a personal preference? Personally I hated the Panasonic Plasmas, and thought the image from these was an absolute flicker feast of dirty whites with soft images. Especially with a bit of light in the room. I found the Pioneer way superior in picture quality to the poor man's panasonic.
  12. That was quick! What's on the cards now Dan?