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  1. Its not uncommon for many to say a HDMI copper cable 10m+ does real [email protected] but most don't.
  2. Yes another one to the fold Supcin, many dealers are starting to warm to them more of late.
  3. I was away for the weekend but we had a couple of midweek movie nights for Fate of the Furious & Ghost in the Shell, both of which looked very, very nice in 4k. Once again I had no issues with the Ruipro when changing resolution between the disc and the Oppo menu, which had been a big annoyance with other cables. Pleased to see this Kazz it confirms what many others say about the Ruipro Fibre Optic cables on the likes of Amazon - reviews. Its getting better now as AV dealers come on board.
  4. STOP PRESS: Thursday 17th Aug. 2017 Announced last month EZYHD is the new Australian and New Zealand Distributor for fantastic Ruipro HDMI Fibre Optic cables true [email protected] in 10m to 100m!, we've had numerous enquires and orders from dealers, installers and 4K PJ owners in OZ and across the pond since the media release. And if a bona fide AV or PJ dealer or installer please contact us for trade pricing!. All Ruipro HDMI Fibre Optic cables sold out real fast, however, we currently have 10m and 15m in stock and 20m coming next week, so be quick, however, we can fill backorders in just 7 days. Also, KAZZ's excellent review at bottom of page here and similar to those on Amazon is awesome (never seen reviews on any product this good anywhere). New HDMI 1x2 Splitter arrived selling like hot cakes and works so well with Foxtel boxes, has device IR control from distant TV and EDID - and lower price - can see here. Other news: The vast Lenkeng range of HDMI Cat extenders and splitters are now available to us from the new Australian distributor rather than importing from China as we did, they have local facilities to deliver direct to our customers from their warehouse's in most Australian capital cities (except Darwin, Canberra and Hobart), so its been super fast delivery to customers of late. Of course some Lenkeng splitters we usually have in stock. and thank you DTV members for your ongoing support.
  5. Item: Qantas return ticket between any of these cities SYD/ADL/MEL/BNE only Price: $345.00 Reason for selling: From Amex CC signup no use. Payment Method: Direct Deposit or Paypal. Extra Info: Once paid advise sectors, name, dates and will confirm flights within 24 hours, if unavailable will refund in total.
  6. I think so, if one reads the Amazon Ruipro reviews from a tough US AV crowd it says a lot, asa matter of fact I don't recall seeing reviews on any product as good as those. Users here like Kazz are reporting outstanding results with true [email protected] and 4.4.4 chroma.
  7. Not heard of the pro, but we tell every customer to test for best resolution before wall instal, but in your case if it's not hard to swap it's fine.
  8. Yeah wish HDMI would stop moving the goal posts, but then with less confusion each time it happens we would have less to talk about .
  9. Good one, what was the HDMI cable distance and it does [email protected] 4.4.4?
  10. Beats me why one would chance it but many do here.
  11. and if real [email protected] HDMI cable is required well.
  12. 4K hdmi cables

    Long or short no problem...
  13. 4K hdmi cables

    Yes times have changed and will continue to be so, if he wants a 30m can have it in 7 days from order.