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  1. Update 26.6.2017 If your after any Lenkeng Splitter Extender contact us for price/info. For DTV Members orders over $100 will send Express Post at no extra if you contact us after order placed (and many have thank you) New Lenkeng Model the LKV714PRO HDMI Splitter with 1 TX sender and HDMi loop out and 4 RX receivers with 4 IR blasters (so up to 5 TV's), released on 28.5.2017 had 8 just just 2 left... oops one left as of today price is $345 (RRP$475) less free Express post!.
  2. Picked one up today once installed (need to get TV/PP) will reurn with review.
  3. Yeah not bad for such a low cost TV of that size, cant find any reviews on it, I have hundreds of videos the guests can choose from too and a spare DVD player. Offer closes today.
  4. As its only for a casual guest use maybe this one, has 2 year warranty plus get an extra year using Plat CC, 39" for $298.
  5. JS, Might be bit pricey getting it to FNQ
  6. Into a reno currently and going to need a 40" TV for a guest double in next month or so, the wall has limited space due to the split aircon being above, spend say under $500 be used casually for FTA, Netflix and DVD's, not purchased a smaller TV for very long time, not sure of a new or used one and reading reviews are not endearing us to some of the cheapies like Soniq, so advise sought...
  7. Yes I did, well after few drinks at our bar;)
  8. So ill be able to sleep tonight now its known
  9. I'm feeling better about this, also added cable plug size to HDMI cable specs on site after 10 years ?
  10. The odd thing in all this from my old memory bank is, I've only ever come across this problem on one occasion before, long ago, have sent out many thousands of HDMI cables over the past decade, have owned a stack of HDMI equipped TV's and devices without a cable fit problem, once you actually have the TV and if you then have a problem simply contact me.
  11. The new HDMI over Cat Extenders will go to 50M or more, best to use 23/24 awg certified cat cable (lower the awg No. the better), ready made the best as sometimes there can be crimping mistakes if adding own Cat plugs.
  12. 3D TV never took off the first time around, the second was not going to happen to the masses I thought, so now its sayonara.
  13. That it is, look at TV's & devices forever changing its part of the game, but HDMI is universal to all but versions just confuse many.
  14. I for one would like HDMI to stop moving the Goal Posts I'd recon once a year would be more than plenty, its confusing customers and many manufacturers have a problem keeping up.