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  1. Sorry...VERY sceptical of this!!!
  2. Last Price Drop....... $4600 ..Including Freight...
  3. Price Drop.. $4700 Including Freight...
  4. Price Drop.. $4900 Including Freight...
  5. Item: JVC DLA X7000 ProjectorLocation:Swifts CreekPrice: $5k Plus FreightItem Condition: Excellent/Unmarked.Reason for selling:Upgraded to X9500Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: I have the original box and all accessories. Bulb has 640hrs. Has the latest BT2020 profile loaded for HDR. See this thread for pics.. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/98463-woofers-dual-purpose-roomduntech-sovereign-krell-manley-labs-jvc/?page=3
  6. Marantz DV9600 ...... http://www.qualifi.com.au/index.jsp?referr...p;product=24571 The unit is in MINT condition, comes with all original accesories and box. It has had about 30hrs of use, a very good SACD player and a very capable upscaling DVD player.. Asking $1250..
  7. The Audio Visual industry here in Aus at times amazes me.... When the Denon 3800 was released in the US i instantly put in a pre order for a unit here in Aus, as we all know the products were cancelled for Australian release THEN after all this time they finally realese it here for an outragous price of AUD $4200 !!!! http://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/?q=node/view/34 In the meantime i bought the Sony 5000ES for $2000 , how can they ask double that for an outdated/troublesome unit being the 3800?????
  8. My FREE James Bond Bluray collection also turned up today..... Nice one Sony...
  9. Video settings.. PIC MODE..memory Video EQ.. Contrast ( 1) Brightness (0) Chroma ( 1) Hue (0) Gamma ( -6 on Point 1 of the graph) HD Enhancer... Enhance ( 2) Smoth filter ( STD) FGR (2) NR...... FNR ( Auto) BNR ( Auto) MNR ( Auto) Colour Space (4:4:4) Bitrate (12bit)
  10. Picked up my 5000es yeterday , spent a LATE night last night doing a few comparisons.. Blu-ray looks fantastic, but my biggest suprise is the STD DVD upscaling...comparing it to a my Marantz DV9600 and a Denon 3930 the Sony is superb!!! The Picture enhancing features/filter really do work without intrducing degrading artifacts back into the picture . Will do some more testing this comming weekend, but so far i am extremley impressed.
  11. A few years back i bought the Denon DVD 5000 ( STD dvd PLAYER) , at the time it was AUD $5500 , and while it is built excepionly well it didnt really have any better playback than alot of the "chepo" dvds plyers at the time... Nowdays you problably couldnt give it away, spending huge sums on speakers / amps ( not surround) makes more sense as they usually retain ther value and arnt "obselete" every product cylcle...
  12. Picking my 2 units up Monday...Cant wait!!!!!!
  13. Varun Could you please confirm as to where the 5000es in made? i noticed on the pic of the rear of the unit its edited out....i am hoping they are still made in japan..
  14. yep , i was also advised that my 2 units would be available for pickup Mon/Tues form the Melb store.......... Much better than the last update io got which said after x-mas...