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  1. Thank you very much for all the information.
  2. This may be the wrong forum however i cannot find where it should be, so thats why it's here. I've been after a joan armatrading album but the prices online are too expensive imo. I've never bought single tracks before so i went to a few sites but found out international customers can't buy from them. So is there anywhere aussies can go to buy tracks? Thanks.
  3. Hi I'd possibly spend that much on a new one depending on it's condition, thanks. Well i ended up getting the X3 II for $199. The sound is very different and the bass is not as strong as the first generation. The bass is a deal-breaker for me when it comes to these little players. So i very much prefer the older model.
  4. I dropped the thing last night! It turns on but the screen is now white with nothing on it. So now i'm undecided whether to get another X3, although i can only find 2nd generation models, mine was 1st. [Apparently a different chip is used and so they sound different to each other.] Or an X5. The X3 is new at $199 while the X5 is used at $299 If i were able i'd get the exact same model i had as the sound was great. It's hard to choose as both have great, and a few bad reviews from users, so it's very subjective in the end. However i'm not able to go somewhere and listen to both models playing my music i'm so familiar with. My original X3 was bought used on Gumtree so i've no objection to getting one that's 2nd hand. Maybe i was just very, very fortunate with that one? It's awful being without it as probably around 95% of my music listening was thru the X3.
  5. I just bought a second hand Jamo SW 410e subwoofer and a second hand pair of Jamo E850 tower speakers from Gumtree classifieds. Also did a swap for a pair of Jamo Cornet 60 IVs.[These are fine.] One of the 850s produces music at a lower volume than the other. Also the treble isn't reproduced as well as on the other one either. What could cause that, other than it being stuffed! I've swapped them around and it's definitely the speaker and not the channel from my receiver. Actually i compared the sound of the two speakers over and over again quite a few times just to make sure. I could probably live with it as it's not THAT noticeable, but the trouble is now I KNOW, so i'll probably find it hard not to listen out for the difference between them when playing music. However i'd get used to it. The music still sounds good, but i suppose it doesn't sound as good as it could. It's a shame as i really like the look of them. I will probably move them from the music room and use them with the home theatre set up in the lounge, as i have little sonys there at the moment which i've had for about 20 yrs. It's very rare if i watch a movie so they'll be fine for the telly, plus i don't have it up loud owing to the mental neighbour next door! [Whats happening with the layout of this post? When i hit return it goes down two lines instead of the usual one.] The Subwoofer: Compared to my 'no name' brand subwoofer [which this is one maybe replacing] it's so loud and boomy. Even with the volume knob at the back turned to the minimum it is still boomy. My old sw had a switch to change the phase, this new one has a know that goes from 0 to 180. I've got it in the middle at the moment, i've played around with it but tbh i don't hear a difference so i don't know where to set it too. What is the best setting for the cut off dial? I did read somewhere that suggested to have it all the way round to the maximum, is this true? I've had a play round with it and also the bass and treble on my Harman & Kardon stereo receiver but tbh the bass seems to be too prominent, maybe over the next few days i'll find the 'sweet spot?' I bet i end up going back to the same setup i had before i got these, i just haven't had a lot of luck with speakers over the last couple of years. Yes i realize it's always best to listen to audio gear first before buying any, but they are used and i couldn't get up to where this couple lived and of course we all the there is a risk in buying second hand stuff.
  6. Is the EPL not with Foxtel anymore then? The football was the reason I signed up to Foxtel in the first place. Looks like I'll have to listen to the radio commentary on MUTV, brilliant!
  7. I'd probably be interested in the 908i speakers only, if you do decide to split the package.
  8. No, i don't like surround sound when listening to music.
  9. It's the HK3770.
  10. I have a Harman/Kardon stereo receiver and i'm wondering if it would be possible to hook up one of those old graphic equalizers that you see in pawn shops and the like, would it actually work? The tone control on the receiver is crap imo, 1-10 for the bass, 1-10 for the treble, thats it. Also are there modern equalizers these days? Thanks.
  11. At the moment i have a : Harman/Kardon Stereo Receiver HK3770, cost around $900 Sony tower speakers, worth around $500 No name subwoofer Sony 5 disc dvd player. If i were to spend $2000, what could i buy that noticably improves the sound quality? Spend it all on speakers? On an amp? Both? Does it really matter what cd/dvd player one uses to listen to music? I've never had the opportunity to listen to a very expensive set-up, and tbh i find it hard to believe how much more the SQ could be improved even if spending many thousands of dollars. I'm obviously wrong as people wouldn't shell out such big money on their systems if it didn't improve things? Just saw on gumtree a person who is selling some speakers, JAMO E670, Klipsch Synegy SP1, KEF Q4, PSB Image 4T. Each pair are selling for around $450. Any good?
  12. Hi It has a vga connection either end and includes an audio cable too.
  13. I managed to get it all going earlier BUT the only way i could get sound was from the tv speakers.[which sound terrible.] Is it possible to get the sound through the receiver?
  14. He is totally mental!
  15. He can be totally OVER THE TOP!