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  1. Sounds like DAB+ is going the same way as free to air TV in Australia. More channels, less bitrate and poorer quality :-(
  2. The free to air networks probably buy the SD versions of shows from overseas to save money
  3. People are not getting their paid for speed everywhere especially in peak times. ISP's are not buying the appropriate CVC and the end user is suffering at the moment.
  4. WCW Monday NITRO on TNT (TCM in AUS) was the greatest on saturday nights at 9pm. WOOOOOO
  5. Interesting you say that. I was watching the players championship golf tonight on 507 and on my 110 inch screen the blockiness and artifacts were quite noticeable. Had to be less than 8 mbps for sure. Does anyone have the facility to test all the sports channels again like previously in this thread? It has been a while since it was last done. I suspect the bitrates have dropped even more sadly.
  6. It is now 2017. When is Foxtel going to produce AFL on Fox Footy with 5.1 audio???
  7. The last firmware update has seemed to fix most of the problems with the IQ3. Still a little slow to respond at times but no longer freezes and I have not had to reset it for a couple of months now
  8. "So i have to have telstra cable. With cable im getting 115Mbps roughly 10mb per second." What is your upload speed?
  9. Surely it is time to drop SD
  10. I saw the first few days of the 4K UHD coverage uploaded on the net. None of the athletics though :-(
  11. I think they have finally fixed the IQ3 issues with the latest firmware update. It is finally usable for me after almost 2 years of pulling my hair out
  12. I've been on the NBN with Optus FTTH for the last 18 months at a constant 100 mbps with no issues.
  13. The latest software update from last week has significantly improved the speed and functionality of my IQ3 box. Still not perfect, but alot better than what it's been for the last 12 months....
  14. Is there anyone in the world recording the daily NBC USA 4K UHD coverage of the olympics by any chance? Thanks
  15. Sky UK are launching a 4K service showing EPL and movies. When is Foxtel going to offer customers some 4K UHD content?