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  1. The Trouble you have to do to minimize the Grey BARS whilst looking at any angle. This is the Third time I had to drop this Tv and the center of the TV is EXACTLY with my eye sight using a Dumpty Level full of water. The TV now is 420MM of the Floor ( Its a clear 3/8 of an inch tube and where I fill it with water and one side the water is in my middle of the my eye and the other end 10 feet away I make the center of the TV as in height. "EG" water is always level so can finf the middle of anything) LG has a Problem here and has washed this issue under the Carpet and they do not care about their Customers. I will remember. As it Stands you cannot View before you buy in Australia and If ever they will Display this TV on any Shops they will run their full screen Promo NOT A Movie or anything that has BLACK Bars up the Top or Bottom. ooooOOO No they will not and I no doubt the shop will turn ever Light on at the same time to a point where you will need sun glasses to mask this issue. Before After
  2. I have Programmed the Oppo 203 with Code 2 but Houston I have a Strange Problem which I posted elsewhere and had no reply yet. Hi, I have a very strange problem with my two Oppo Blu Ray players using my Harmony Touch. I have this week purchased the Oppo 203 4K player and this player has the same IR codes as my older Oppo 103D. After finding this, I decided to change my new Oppo 203 player to have Code 2, so I changed it on the player TV and I changed it on the remote via the Dip switch and I sent the frequency to my Harmony account.Once this was finished I tested both my movie viewing activities 1/ Oppo 2K movies and 2/ Oppo 4K movies, yes I tested this by using the Harmony Touch remote manually and when I used the toggle option for the correct Oppo the correct Oppo fired up and I toggled it again and it shut down. Now, I accessed the new Oppo and it does the same, it fires up and shuts off and the other Oppo stays at standby. There is no conflict between these two Oppo's as the 203 Oppo is using Code 2. Everything works perfect until you switch it off at the power point. When I turn the power points all on for the first time and only for the first time each time and I select any activity, Oppo 2K movies, Oppo 4K movies, both Oppo's TURN ON, yes both turn on. If I get up and turn the wrong activity Oppo off and go between both activities, the Oppo's work correctly, just say, the TV is on and stays on, the Yamaha amplifier changes HDMI's, the TV changes HDMI and when I select the other activity the other OPPO turns on and the original OPPO turns off. Now, I will say this again, I can spend 30 minutes going between 2 activities and everything works 100% perfect until I turn everything off at the power point and when I turn the power point back on and start again, regardless if I use Oppo 2K viewing or 4K viewing, both turn on. Now, what in the hell is going on here? By the way, my Oppo 103D is using Code 1, the Oppo 203 4K player is using Code 2. Again, the Harmony Touch manually I can turn these on and off with no issues its onlt the Firt time when I power them with 240V.
  3. The Best of the VERY BEST are the Vu Duo2 (2k) and the Vu Untimo (4K).. Both have Terrestrial tuners in it and you can configure any configuring ($$$) you want like One Terr and 3 Sat or one Terr and one Sat (cheaper) Sat, or Like I have on one box 2 Terr and Two Sats. Now what you dont know Each Box depending what Image you stick on it will record up to 16 different channels at the same time. "eg" ever channnel on Channel 7 (the lot of them) has and every channel at the same time that Nine has (the lot of them) and the rest left over you can record all the Channels on one Transponder on Any satellite.. These boxs are good for naught Bits as you can FTP sofcams and this Softcams open a verity of encrypted channels. The Sofcams you FTP and Mind boggling You can have at least 10 or more cams in you box. These Boxes are expensive but they are incredible what they can do . I have a 2TB drive on the duo2 and 3 T/B Drive in the Ultimo. The Max I think in the Untimo is 4 T/B. Top of the page you can convert to English and on the Righ had sis you can Configure the tuners you want with or without HDrives. The VERY VERY VERY thing you do is over run the Factor Image Software with a Different Image . I use BLACKHOLE for both but they are Many of different Aurthor of Images. Also you can FTP a lot of PLUGINS for anything. This is Like Google play for your Phone as you can Download anything from your App store. These Boxes are Extremely Complicated but I'm a Old man that had a Heart attack and stroke and I still get on using it but I have experience using box like these for 10 years. In total I control 9 Satellite Dishes One is Steerable and Stop on 18 Satellites. I have over 2000 Channels. You wonder why I have 7 Total 24 inch TV monitors in my Main TV room + the LG 86 inch TV. PS I have a ball and love it. Yep its money but you get what you pay for and if you can effort it at least buy the Dio2. Plenty Forums have support for them You buy them without Drives in it so the Shipping is cheaper from Germany or directly to Ultimo Or duo 2
  4. I have the Service Manual and a few Dirty tricks are reveling in there including of the Deterioration of the Laser as NOWHERE ANYONE TALKS ABOUT THIS ISSUE. Yes they have a Graph showing if you use the Hecto on it Brightest setting after 10,000 you will lose over 50% of its brighness. Also in there is the use of other screens and on a Wall with a special Paint or color paint but they do not say what it is. Again at around 125 Inch I was surprised how Sharp it was Wacthing Friday Ch 9 Footy. Yep the white were 10 Better and the Blacks were about the same in the other direction. I was good to test it this way with the Original screen in from of it to do a proper compare.
  5. But some people do not want to go the Path of Projection TV and I was one I had my Play and I' sick of Changing Globes for my Mates that Have Projection Tv of all types and I was sick of them telling me "Can you come over as the Projector is getting duller again" . Yes edge lit is no good but like everything else today each Tech has there own issue and one of them is Globe replacement and watching a Laser or LED Projector get duller by the month. No thanks I want something that when it set up you don't touch it again until you replace it. .
  6. My Glass door is closed when using so Me thinks if the Oppo disk opens it will damage the Player as the glass is thick and heavy and the player will lose
  7. As you all know Our Hecto was sacked from our main TV room so last night I decided to start the Hecto on a wall (original screen size is 100 inch) and I was very surprised how good it is on a wall as it will do 100 inch, 110 inch, 120 inch, and 130 inch (the whole Frigging wall too. and its still sharp. Now the wall if off white to a slight grey and I found the White to be whiter but the Blacks to be grey a little. What I did after this I stuck the Original Hecto screen between the Hecto cabinet and the wall so I can compare the picture quality ( half in and out) and like I said the Whites are whiter but the Blacks are a little grey Yes the further I made the Hecto go off the wall the Picture got larger and what I'm thinking is if I repainted the wall (whatever Color) what will happen.
  8. The other thing I have noticed is that the 203 does not have a Ejection LED light on it to see where the ejection button is in the dark
  9. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  10. Yep I have UDP20XAU-45-0605
  11. To set up this 86 inch Tv's that are IPS and you want the minimum grey bars when watching the TV for movies when the movies you watch have those Letter box Bars top and bottom and the TV is 3m away (More on the side chairs) from You, you have too this: I have done this adjusting at NIGHT ONLY!!! 1/ Whilst sitting on the main lounge against the back of the lounge you need a dumpty level full of water (Clear tube full of water and at one end of the tube you have your eye on it and when the other end settles down you mark the wall and the height of the TV must be around 2 to 3 inches above your eye level (NO MORE or less). This is for a 86 Inch IPS TV 2/ You Play a 4K movie that is dark (Say Deep Water Horizon. StarTrek Beyond) (4k are worse with the issue of Grey bars) and you sit there in the middle of the lounge with your back against the back of the lounge. 3/ Loosen the both knob adjusters on both sides of the TV. 4/ Slowly Lower the tilt so the TV starts to look down (Very little at a time) 5/ Do this until the both the top and Bottom of the TV have Black bars whilst in the middle of the lounge as the lounge has to be in the middle of the TV (left and right) 6 move to the left and right of the Main lounge and right down your findings 7/ Go back to the Middle and stick a phone book under your butt and right down how this effects you to the bars, take the phone books away and shrink yourself and take notes on what happens. 8/ Try the same on both side of the Lounge and take note what the bars are doing (Better or worse) 9/ Move Both the Side Chairs back so the sitting position is exactly the same as the main lounge ( the chairs will go around 500MM Back) 10/ Aim both Chairs at the center of the TV for the Left and right Chair. 11/ Bring the Chair Forward or back until you get the both Black Bars on the Tv ( Back is Better, Maybe a little further than the main lounge)) 12/ Now Play with all your finding and go from the Main Lounge from the Middle to either side of the Main Lounge and either side chairs until you have the sweet spot, Yes the Tv Tilt might needs to go up or down until sweet spot is found Now would you be as fussy as I have to do this. Yes Some of you know what effort I went with the Hecto to adjust it so it would have ZERO Adjustments to do as doing Adjustments on the Software excessively stuffed up the geometry of the Hecto so I persevered until all my setting was ZERO except for one set a +1. (looks at photo's here on this thread) See This LG 86SJ957T IPS Tv is once again a nightmare to fit and adjust so you will have no grey letterbox bars at night (I want the BLACK BARS Like me. BLACK!!! or as BLACK AS POSSIBLE!!). the wall mount is the Best way of having this Tv not unless you have destructive kids that want to damage the TV as the bottom of Tv is around 19 inches off the Floor. See I cut my teeth of installing plenty of Satellite CBand Dishes from 2.3 to 6M sizes than went from 91.5 Degrees east to 177 deg west ( that a big arc) and the trick of this is having the correct arc of the equator + the Latitude you live away fro the equator that CBand dish of all sizes have so when you find the closest satellite on the middle where you live than you have to see if and when where your dish positions left and right to be the same as you do not want to have the dish to high or to low on either side so if so you need to adjust the declination of the dish so it travel from east to the west so it finds itself on the correct arc of every geostationary Satellite. It easy if you have done this for 25 Years and it was easy to do the Tv the Same as I have the TV on the Wall the right height , I had the TV that I can lower the Tilt (Like the declination) and I have the Chairs either side to give me the correct Arc so everyone watching would have a fair go. BUT!!!!! If a person is 3 inch taller than me and if a Person its 3 inches shorter than me you are in Shi.t street/ LG If you want to sell TV again (Shops not sell a lot of them once people are aware of this issue) mainly LED LCD's you better redesign these IPS TV that do not have this issue maybe instead of having your Edge Lit tv firing light from top to bottom change it to the sides and switching the LEDS off where the Bars are. If you do this or other possibly will have this problem no more on all sizes no unless you do this only on smaller Tv's but you must do the Same on the 75 and 86 inch TV not what you did with the 75 and the 86 Tv's having no nano technology Grrrrrrrrrrrh and do this without generating new issues Example no dark sports in the Middle of the TV Grrrru because you will NEVER find another person like me that went to so much effort adjusting the Hecto which was done perfect (Look at the Photo's in this thread, Hecto ANOTHER NIGH MERE TO ADJUST) and do this LG 86SJ957T like the way I have Adjusted it to get rid of that GREY UGLY Letterbox Bars at Night where we watch movies most of the time. Well put it this way I had a massive Heart Attack 12 Years ago and I had a Massive Stroke last October 2016 when in October I did not know my name and later when I did I could not spell it so if a old fool like me that is stubborn not to be beaten by a piece of plastic I say you can fix this issue. I bet you can do better with your Tv's that we pay so much for Today. Remember IPS is for watching a TV at wide angles but you do not want to be greeted at night with grey bars top or bottom on the furthers side away from the TV.
  12. Hey I noticed that the 203 does not have a led light on the Open tray button like what the 103D has
  13. Done it And works very well . Thanks!
  14. Yes I use MY Harmony on my Desk top and get into their data base that way. I did not know you can change the The device (Oppo say the 203) to being CODE 2 on their date base and after this all I have to do is change the mini micro switch to two.
  15. The Very first thing I did was do a Firmware Update. I would say it has to be the Latest and have copied the Number down to check as I have unplugged the Cat 6 cable off the Oppo