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  1. Speakers received. I cant believe the effort that went into packaging them. I only had the energy to open one of them. Never have any doubts if buying from hopefullguy. He organised the courier & packed them like a demon. Very happy
  2. Want to call it $800 delivered?
  3. For Honour Brand new, played for ten minutes, too many button combos for me. Looking for a swap for something new, or $55 posted. PM Please
  4. Bugger. Why do you live so far away.
  5. As I predicted out of my budget
  6. Clinton & Knet What would be a fair breakup? Im in the market for a pair of speakers, but pretty sure this will be out of my price range.
  7. What sort of a price range are you looking at? Just so that I dont offend.
  8. I think I sent you a pm.
  9. Still available?
  10. Im happy to swap my Infamous SS for your FIFA 15. Ill pm you.
  11. Four, Im waiting for COD & AC
  12. Is WMP fairly PS3 compatible these days? I use PS3 media server. Im not a great computer nerd, but find PS3 Media Server easy to use.
  13. Let me know how you go, Im in Cobar St & only get ABC on digital. Youll find the Outback Motel also has digital, pop around & have a look, Jamie will sort you out.