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  1. Hey flipswitch, I am impressed with it to. I have been playing in Game mode and I have not had any issues with Lag either. I watched some One HD and are very happy with the picture. I don't think i will be going for a generic brand TV again, it is not worth it! Hey Zoidburg, I did have a look at the Toshiba but I was not overly impressed with the blacks compared to the Sony. I had $450 from a return of a faulty TV so I didn't mind spending the $300 for the Sony especially as I wanted full HD. If I was going to buy one from scratch and on a budget the Toshiba is the best for that sort of money though. It was still $650 at the good guys.
  2. I ended up going for the Sony and I couldnt be happier. The picture is fantastic and very nice blacks. Thanks everyone!
  3. Does anyone know if I would be able to get the Sony for under $700? I dont think I will be able to stretch myself beyond that. I might compare it to the Tosh and Samsung at the Good Guys on the way home. For the sake of $200 the Tosh may still be the way to go.
  4. $506.60, now that is a unique price! I will take a look at it a JB tonight but it is a very good price for a 32inch. I will check the blacks though as that was my main gripe with my old budget LCD compared to my Sony XBR I have in the lounge.
  5. Thanks for your input, I just got back to Harvey Norman at lunch time and they have a Full HD Sony KDL32EX400 for $748. They didnt give me a final price but they said there is room to move on it. I will definitely take a look at the Toshiba and Panasonic though as the 600 mark is the sort of money I would prefer to spend. I guess full HD is not so much of a biggie as most Xbox games are 720P anyway.
  6. Short notice i know but i am looking at getting a 32inch LCD tonight. My current TV just died and as I am having an XBOX session this weekend I need one ASAP. I would like to get one that is FULL HD but that is not a key requirement. Does anyone know of any good deals going at the moment? I would prefer not to get a generic brand as my last TV was one of them and has been a huge disappointment!
  7. Mine was actually cloudy and after a couple of replacements I got my money back from Sony. Their customer service has been excellent.
  8. I would be interested to see what you think. I am getting my x2000 replaced soon also.
  9. I know the X 2000 series only took 1080P over HDMI. It took 1080i over component and 1280 x 720 over VGA but from what I have heard the new ones take 1080P on everything.
  10. If there is a Melbourne one going I would love to know about it too. Thanks to all that have organised this. Excellent job.
  11. Just out of interest can anyone tell me what color the remote control is on the new X3100's and XBR's. I quite like the brushed metal one I had on the X2000 series.
  12. The List 01. BeeJean - 40" X & RHTG800 - Adelaide 02. Hosko - 52" XBR - Sydney - PM 03. Cletus B - 40" X/ - VIC 04. no spam 05. doo - 46" X - Melbourne PM 06. m&m - 52" X/XBR 07. tcross - 40" X/W - ?Melbourne 08. bhart 09. luitzen - 2x 46" X 10. stovokor - 46" X 11. howie.hill - 40" X 12. AiMsHiT - 40" X 13. M&K Freak - 46" X - Adelaide 14. mal68 - 40/46 X - Ballarat, Vic - PM 15. InfoAddict - 40" X - Adelaide 16. Ronin WC - 46/52 XBR - Sydney 17. Shakey - 40/46 D/X - Newcastle, NSW 18. operator - 40" D - Brunswick, Melbourne - PM 19. runner74 - 40" X - Chatswood NSW 20. TAZMAN - 52" XBR - Sydney 21. regis169 - 52" X - Sydney 22. RabidWolve - 46 X - Sydney 23. shump - 46 X - Perth 24. jkmc13p - 46 X/XBR - Melbourne 25. sisi - 46 X/XBR - Melbourne 26. Colonel Goeth - 46 X/D - Brisbane 27. tiptoncut - 52 XBR & ?32" - Perth WA 28. tjrocks - 46 X/XBR , 40 X , 32 D - Sydney 29. SRDjan - 46 X - Coburg, Vic 30. Pauly G- 40 X/XBR or 46 X - Brisbane - no PM yet - 31. Exsavio - 40 X/XBR or 46 X - Melbourne- no PM yet - 32. wjamin - 46/52" X - Sydney - no PM yet 33. fake64 - 40" W/X - Melbourne- no PM yet 34. jboy88 - 40/46 X - Adelaide - PM 28. cooper - 46 X/XBR - Melbourne - no PM
  13. I am also interested in a 46inch in either the XBR or the X3100. Good stuff guys.
  14. No need to be so arrogant Lyle. But thanks for your input.
  15. This has been written a number of times in various threads and I just want to give my take on it. The ideal viewing distances for 1920x1080 displays showing true 1920x1080 video are: 40” 1.6 meters 46” 1.8 meters 52” 2.1 meters At greater distances the human eye looses the ability to fully resolve 1080 resolution. While I agree that the human eye will not be able to resolve the resolution I believe it will certainly be able to tell the difference. Take for example a photo that is printed at 600dpi and then again at 1200dpi. No matter how far away it is you can see a much better quality print on the 1200dpi photo. This is because the printer can theoretically use twice as many colours as the 600dpi one (assuming that every colour on the print is different). You don’t need to actually see the dots to notice the difference. It is the same with the TV. You cant see a pixel difference but you will certainly notice a colour and quality difference. What does everyone think?