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  1. Phillips Dtr7200 - Need Advice

    I go with option 5, return the faulty box to Big W, go to HN with the Big W brochure and get them to match it. Few people in this thread has done that. Cheers, Don.
  2. Another Review Of Sony Dvp-ns76h

    That's good Stephen and I believe you'll find much enjoyment from this great DVD player.
  3. Stazi, if you ring Philips they will send a courier to pick up the unit from your door step, takes 7 days to update it and they will also return it right to your door step. Their customer service is flawless. To change the resolution, you have to do it from the unit itself, no button on the remote to change it. The default is 1080i which you should be happy with. Cheers, Don.
  4. Another Review Of Sony Dvp-ns76h

    Have you try setting the 4:3 aspect on the DVD player to full? I set mine to full and have my panna display set to 16:9 and that do the trick. Cheers, Donald.
  5. Another Review Of Sony Dvp-ns76h

    That must be it, thanks heaps, will try it tonight. Cheers, Donald.
  6. Another Review Of Sony Dvp-ns76h

    Hi JimboTHX1138, I also use HDMI and it does give me the resolution of what I actually set on the DVD player, but I also hooked it up using Component output and it doesn't give me the resolution like it does to cooksta on the quote below.
  7. It seems that all the sparkles problems came from those bought from Big W? Even if it has the latest soft/hardware. Could it be the reason why they go at $198? Bought mine from HN four weeks ago and have watched it for more than 5 hours at time with no probs. Perhaps an advise for those people who want to buy one, that they avoid Big W for now until the problem is known and solved by Philips, cause I can assure you that with out the sparkles, it is an excellent unit and can be confirmed by those who owns it. Cheers, Donald.
  8. Just out of curiousity, did the six people experiencing the sparkles bought theirs from Big W or from mix retailers? Bought mine from HN four weeks ago with software v2.2 and hardware v1.6 and have no probs with sparkles. Also those who was part of end of day light savings this morning experience funny things with their tv program? I live in NSW and the time on the STB didn't change till 12.30pm this arvo, and now the TV program seems to be all over the place. Cheers, Donald.
  9. Another Review Of Sony Dvp-ns76h

    Thanks for the reply cooksta, I think I have the same remote as you have, found the tv shape and a + sign inside it, when I pressed it only gave me the tv aspect and what input the tv is on, but no resolution of the dvd playing. If I watch TV using my Philips 7200 HD STB, when the button is pressed, on top of the TV aspect and the input it also gives me the resolution the STB is giving out. Is there something that I have to change on the DVD player itself? Cheers, Donald.
  10. Another Review Of Sony Dvp-ns76h

    Hello cooksta, I just bought this DVD player few weeks ago and very happy with the PQ with component output. I have a Panna TH-50PV60A display, but I can not check of what the actual output is from the DVD that I played. I pressed info on the TV remote, and all it gives me is what input it is on, the TV aspect, TV pic - Standard and TV Sound - Music. Please advise on how I can check the resolution of the DVD that I played. Cheers, Donald.
  11. Phillips Dtr7200 - Need Advice

    That's good that everything has worked out for you Nova, and finally you've got your tv back.
  12. Phillips Dtr7200 - Need Advice

    All the best Nova.
  13. Phillips Dtr7200 - Need Advice

    Did you get yours from HN? How much did you get yours for? I got mine from HN for $300.00 and when I heard about the Big W for $198.00, I went back to them to ask to honour their 30 days promise. He was not too happy I tell you, but after few minutes of argument he finally gave me a store credit of $100.00 which I will use towards a Sony DVP-NS76H upsaclling dvd player. So Nova, you may want to give that a try. Cheers, Don.
  14. Phillips Dtr7200 - Need Advice

    No need to worry Nova, you will not be disappointed with Component connection, I had mine connected using Belkin Pure AV component cable for a good 7 days while waiting for my HDMI cable to arrive and could not fault it at all. Just like tobes said:
  15. Phillips Dtr7200 - Need Advice

    That makes the three of us who owns TH-50PV60A which are connected to Philips DTR-7200, and I could not agree more that the PQ is superb. I got my HDMI cable from Shelleys at eBay for under $30.00 and could not complain about it.