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  1. For Sale: A Fujitsu 50" Plasma TV model P50XHA51AS. This is a 50" Plasma TV with side mounted speakers. Note that it does not have a tuner built in, but I am including a Strong digital HD settop box and HDMI cable. We purchased this TV new and it has never had any issues. Cosmetically it is in excellent condition. This was an expensive TV when we purchased it and it still has a great picture. It also has excellent sound quality due to its side mounted speakers. TV comes with: * HD Settop box * HDMI cable * TV and Settop box remotes * User guides for TV and Settop box TV is located in Thornton (near Newcastle). Asking price is $280 negotiable.
  2. Hi Guys, New owner of a Yamaha RX-S600D receiver. I selected this unit as it is used in a secondary area of the house and the entertainment unit would only allow 15cm of clearance. The RX-S600D is only 11cm tall. Sound quality is very good, but what impressed me the most is just how well all the HDMI switching and control works. The unit outputs to a Sony W900 (current model) TV and has an XBOX One, Cable box (Foxtel IQ2), PS3 and Apple TV connected to it. HDMI Switching is very fast and reliable. ARC works without issue. What also impressed me is the auto muting when the TV detects the RX-S600D via HDMI it auto mutes the TV speakers in favour of the receiver. I was concerned that 60 watts per channel was a little light on for the 85db sensitivity B&W M1 speakers (5.1 with a B&W 610XP sub). This turned out to be unjustified. The RX-S600D seems to drive the M1's quite well and they sound very musical. Saying that, it’s not a large space they are in (3m x 3.5m) and I don't turn the volume up past -5db. This is my first Yamaha receiver and so far I've been very impressed with its sound quality and the reliability of the HDMI functionality. Here is a link to the product site: http://au.yamaha.com...=product_lineup Regards, Stephen
  3. Thanks Ans, Really appreciate you taking the time to reply. I've been really impressed with 3D on the X900, but as the 5000ES does not support 3D I've been using the PS3. Once again as my processor does not have HDMI I have to listen to 3D movies in Dolby Digital.(not True HD). The Oppo would solve that for me. Did you by your Oppo online? I've got the original Spears and Munsil blu-ray, have they released a new version? Regards, Stephen
  4. Hi Ans, Glad to hear that you are enjoying your X900! I was particularly interested to read that you where using the Oppo 105 with the X900. I currently using a Sony 5000ES blu-ray player which is now around 6 years old. How do you find the 105 with the X900? Any issues to speak of? I've been seriously considering the move to the Oppo 105. From my 5000ES I'm currently running HDMI to the X900 and the multi channel outputs to my Rotel processor as it does not support HDMI. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Stephen
  5. It is certainly the case and proven many times, if you are not sitting close enough, you will not be able to tell the difference between 4K and 1080p. So why buy the X900? In my case it was for the whole package. When I purchased mine I was well aware that there was no 4K content. One of the biggest draws for me where the built in fluid dynamic speakers. The Fujitsu Plasma it was replacing had side mounted speakers these produced great sound quality in our 6.5 x7m family room without the need to add a sound bar or turn on the HT system. Just about all TV's these days sacrifice sound quality for thinness. The sound from the side mounted speakers on the X900 are outstanding, even better that my Fujitsu. This was a important factor in the buying checklist. I'm also a big fan of the Sony triluminous displays. The colours are really outstanding and give you a lot to work with when calibrating. The overall build quality of the X900 is also very high. The TV even looks good (in my eyes) when turned off I also wanted HDMI 2.0 to future proof the TV, the X900 has this. The bottom line is that its a really nice TV. Its like cars, you can get a Ford or Holden that can go from 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds or you can get a Ferrari. Both do the same thing, you will pay a lot more for the Ferrari, but if you think the overall "package" is worth it (4k is just one part of that package) then buy one. In my case I'm happy with the overall "package" that the X900 provides. Regards, Stephen
  6. Hi All, After having the X900 for a couple of months now, the situation arose that I had to pick up a second TV for the house after one of my kids laid claim to the second TV (5 year Sony XBR LCD) for his Uni apartment. I ended up buying a Sony 55" W900 1080p to replace it. The W900 has very similar specs to the X900 (Triluminous display, same processing and user interface etc..) with the exception of being 1080p instead of 4K and using active 3D instead of passive 3D. Both the X900 and W900 have Foxtel IQ's and PS3's connected to them. This has allowed me to do direct comparisons between content upscaled to 4k on the X900 and the same content at 1080p on the W900. I've only had the W900 for a few days, but so far Foxtel HD sport such as the A league soccer looks sharper upscaled to 4K on the X900. It still looks very sharp on the W900, but a touch sharper on the X900. I once again suspect the DVDO video processor is helping here to send a clean 1080p to the X900 before it is upscaled to 4K. With the W900 a 1080i signal is sent to the TV which then gets deinterlaced by the W900's processing and displayed at 1080p. Interestingly, I also watched bits of Pacific Rim in 3D on both TV's using the PS3 as a source. In this case the video processor connected to the X900 does nothing and just passed the signal through to the TV. In this situation I would say that the W900 displayed a slightly sharper 3D image (active 3D) verses the X900's passive 3D. So results are a bit inconclusive at this stage. As I watch more content I'll post further opinions. Regards, Stephen
  7. Thanks Mark, That is a reassuring endorsement coming from an installer. Regards, Stephen
  8. Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a receiver to pair with a new Sony W900 TV. The receiver will have a Foxtel IQ, PS3 and XBOX One connected to it via HDMI. I was originally looking at a Sony STR-DN840 or STR-DN1040 but I've read a great deal of horror stories on AVSForums in regard to HDMI handshaking issues. One gentleman from Oz was even having issues with a Foxtel IQ and Sony TV using the STR-DN1040. I've now been looking at the Marantz SR5008 or Denon X2000. These are basically the same unit. Does anyone have either of these receivers and if so have you been happy i.e. no HDMI handshake issues? I haven't read of many issues on AVSForums. This setup will be used in relatively small area. I'm looking to use Paradigm Millemium One speakers with the receiver. Regards, Stephen
  9. Hi Guys, I've really only noticed some jaggies from the TV tuner (as compared to the STB abd DVDO) on those low bandwidth 576i infomerical channels. Mainstream 576i channels are quite good with no jaggies visible. What does my wife think? Well initially she choked at the price, but I managed to talk her around based on the fact that we had our Fujitsu plasma for 7 years and I promised not to buy another TV for 5 more As far as picture quality goes, she loves the sharpness, saturated colour and extra brightness (our family room has alot of windows), The only complaint is the same one as I have stated earilier, off-axis viewing isn't great. She usually irons in the far corner of the room (6.5m x 7m room size) and the picture looks a bit washed out compared to the plasma from that position. cheers, Stephen
  10. Hi Owen, I would respectively have to disagree with you on the deinterlacing capabilities of an external processor vs the TV's deinterlacer (at least the X900's). Yes, I agree that most external STB’s or Foxtel IQ2’s will usually be outputting 1080i. The external processor is not doing any scaling duties, it’s only doing deinterlacing. Simply flipping between the TV's tuner and the output of the STB feed through the DVDO there is a subtle improvement (i.e. less jaggies). This is also evident when you put the DVDO in bypass mode so it feeds the 1080i straight to the TV and does not convert it to 1080p. Metter, I'm being really pedantic here. If you didn't have anything to compare against, you will be more than happy with the dinterlacing of the X900. I can however say that the X900 loves a 1080p signal feed to it. It does a really good job on 1080p content converting it to 4K. Like I said, I'm really splitting hairs here, from an enthusiast point of view it all about ringing that last few precent of performance out of the equipment you have. Regards, Stephen
  11. Hi Metter, Ive been pretty happy with the "standard" settings on the TV. I've tried a few settings from places like AVSForm or AVForums which involve changing the picture setting to "cinema 1" and the colour temp to "warm 2". I end up going back to "standard" as I like the enhanced "pop" the picture has. Another factor is I'm feeding Foxtel and TV through a DVDO video processor which up converts it to 1080p before sending it to the X900. This helps clean up jaggies from interlaced sources. Here are a couple of setting for you to try: http://www.avforums.com/threads/sony-kd-65x9005a-reviewers-recommended-best-settings.1796819/ http://www.soundandvision.com/content/sony-xbr-65x900a-3d-lcd-ultra-hdtv-settings For what my opinion is worth, The X900 is a great TV and I am really enjoying it. Standard def on the commercial channels (not those infomercial channels that have very limited bandwidth) can look ok to good, while HD and blu-ray is jaw droppingly good I hope you enjoy your X900 as much as I have. Regards, Stephen
  12. Hi MLXXX, I've had the 65X9004A for about 5 weeks now and have been very pleased with it. On Friday Sony rolled out an automatic firmware update over the internet which gives the 65X9004A HDMI 2.0 support (4K @ 60Hz), I don't however have any way to test the update; no 4K 60Hz sources Upscaled (to 4K) Foxtel sport (scoccer etc,), blu-rays and 3D (1080p to each eye) continues to impress me and you get that "WOW!" comment when you show other people for the first time. If I had to pick any faults it would be the limited viewing angle. Having being a previous plasma owner you could sit anywhere in the room and still get a great picture. With the 65X9004A you really need to sit within 45 degrees of the screen to prevent "wash out". Regards, Stephen
  13. Hi Pheggie, Yes, having HDMI 2 (4K @60Hz) will be very important for gaming. Apparently the Sony 4K sets already have the HDMI2 hardware in them and a firmware update will be available by the end of the year to support 4K @60Hz. From the Sony website: "An Internet firmware update to support HDMI® 2.0 to accommodate 4K/60p (59.94/60Hz) video content will be available end of 2013. Requires that the TV is connected to the internet to receive the update." I've also updated my website and put some photos up of the Sony 4K TV in the equipment and gallery sections. http://www.stephenmacmillan.com/ht Regards, Stephen
  14. Hi Guys, Sorry I haven't responded sooner. I can confirm that the DVDO certainly improved the image for 576i over the standard tuner built into the TV. I can easily flick between the DUO and the TV tuner and there is a noticeable improvement especially with those low band width infomercial channels. Where the Sony X900 really excels is scaling 1080p to 4K. This is also where the Duo can help out. It takes say a 1080i signal from one of the Foxtel HD sports channels, deinterlaces it correctly to 1080p then hands it to the Sony which upscales it to 4K. I was watching the tennis on one of the Foxtel HD channels yesterday and it was jaw droppingly good. It was one of those images where you have to go grab everyone in the house and shout "come look at this!" All blu-rays produce a similar image. I should give the passive 3D a bit of a plug as well. It's razor sharp, bright with no cross talk. As it is a 4K TV you can use passive glasses and still get 1080p in both eyes. With a standard 1080p TV that uses passive glasses you only get 540p vertical per eye. I've never really cared about 3D, but it does look very good on this set. I'll put the Duo in bypass mode (this easily allows you to see what improvements the Duo is making) and do a flick back and forward to see how Foxtel (HD and SD) looks without the Duo doing the 1080p deinterlacing. As Owen mentioned the Foxtel box is already scaling the 576i channels to 1080i before it is giving it to the Duo or TV. I've heard no word if the 4K player is going to be made available outside the US. I did however notice that the new Macbook pro laptops now have a HDMI port that supports 4K content at 24 or 30 frames a second which is good news. Also thanks for the link to the video processor article CWT, it gives a good overview on their features. One important feature of a video processor is that you can calibrate a display to within an inch of its life (11 point grey scale, CMS etc). I have the Chromapure software and display 3 pro meter. Chromapure can control the Duo (via serial cable) and performance a completely automated calibration, or you can tweak things to your hearts content. If you are happy to buy a Duo overseas (where I got mine) you can pick them up for around $850 USD. http://www.chromapure.com/ http://www.chromapur...products-d3.asp http://www.chromapur...-standalone.asp http://www.soundandv...ideo-processors Regards, Stephen