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  1. It's so common with LCD technology and is most noticeable and seemingly more likely to happen on large screens like yours. I bought a 65 inch Sony about 6 months ago and the Backlight Bleeding on some parts of the edge was so bad I returned it and bought an LG OLED. The sooner LCD technology is replaced by OLED the better.
  2. Trinnov Amethyst Review

    @Mr C I'm not trying to criticise your choice of product but I don't think it's unique. E.g Australian made DEQX.
  3. Projector calibration

    Hi, what are Arve's Gamma Curves?
  4. IQ 3.5

    I got mine February this year so I presume it's a 3.5. I love it and Foxtel Sport is a necessity for me now.
  5. Not if the technology is prone to burning in the Foxtel Sport watermark XD
  6. Where do you get these numbers from and what evidence supports such a long wait? Are you ever going to see that X7000 of yours calibrated?
  7. Trinnov St2 Pro

    Subwoofers typically have digital proceessors in them which add time delay. Have you considered Australian made DEQX?
  8. Sure, so perhaps wishful thinking on those who have just spent thousands of dollars yet again
  9. Well yeah, it might make their old projectors look at bit sharper compared to their new one
  10. They produce sharper images because they come with a nice new clean lens
  11. Well to put it in perspective I run my JVC X7000 at -15 Iris setting with the dynamic setting engaged which as you know is closed down to a minimum; I also run with low lamp. So you could say I'm not one for a bright picture. Out of the box my 6th gen LG OLED was too bright. With the OLED back light setting reduced to 70 out of 100 (10 lower than the dark room default) it looks bright but not too much for me. Family and friends have typically been impressed. Granted that was average Joe feedback, not enthusiast.
  12. Indeed. For me OLED is the best combination of image quality and robustness as a general purpose TV. Pity they still cost so much.
  13. You can't calibrate the fly screen effect, flicker, 1080p limitation, potential burn in, extra heat, higher power consumption and inferior black levels out of a plasma. I still generally prefer plasma to LCD though. And I'm pretty sure I turned off the dynamic contrast setting in the first five minutes of owning an LG OLED.
  14. Yep, I couldn't believe how much brighter whites could be even with standard definition when I first saw it.