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  1. Does anyone have the 50" Kogan LCD? Are you happy with it?
  2. Neither the white button or the blue button does anything ???
  3. Another update.
  4. That sounds nice.
  5. The new speeds should make life alot easier.
  6. The yellow key works fine, but nothing happens when I press the blue key.
  7. There are various units on the market that are able to record Foxtel Digital .... any of the DVD recorders, or HDD recorders that have an input. STB PVR's (like the Strong & the Topfield) cannot record Foxtel as they don't have the required input.
  8. Yes, at $500, the 5390 is excellent value, and it is surprisingly easy to use.
  9. The latest Wintal (formerly Wintel) SD-STB can now be bought for under $170. This is tremendous value for newbies.
  10. Is it possible to remove the double-sided disc from the cartridge and use it? .... or buy a double-sided disc without the cartridge?
  11. Is that the new Foxtel PVR I can see on the horizon?
  12. I see that 2 SCART cables are included. At least these are supplied, unlike in many installations where no cables are provided.
  13. Don't hold your breath!
  14. This would be the reason that S-video works on your UEC box.
  15. I am very happy with the 5390 also.