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  1. I have run this dvd player on a 4:3 and 16:9 television. On the 4:3 television the aspect ratio is automatically aligned to the television. On the 16:9 display there is an aspect ratio button with the options 4:3, 16:9 or panorama and if i select 16:9 then the aspect ratio of divx playback is correct.
  2. If the aspect ratio of the divx/xvid video is 16:9 and i wanted to play it on a 4:3 tv, does the Pioneer DV-696A-S crop the image automatically or does it stretch the image to fit the tv? Also, was wondering what the going price for this unit would be? I have seen someone on this forum get one for about $250? Cheers
  3. cheers for the info
  4. Recently i managed to get a clearance Yamaha RX-V457. Temporarily i want to run my old 4 ohm speakers until i can afford to get some good 8 ohm speakers. The amp is rated to run 4 ohm speakers on the front howver, for the surround and centre, it is only rated 6 or 8 ohm minimum. Even though it says 6 or 8 ohm minimum, would i be able to run my 4 ohm speakers. The 4 ohm speakers are only 40w (program) and are just from my old LG HTIB setup. Any help would be appreciated.