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  1. Keep the filter clean, and it should give you a good decent service life. MY TW700 has 1000hrs on it now, it gets used for PS3,TV,movies etc regularly, it has the original lamp,and if anything, it is probably a little dimmer than it was originally when new. I really should get in there and dust out the unit, but its working quite well for now. One thing i have noticed is that it is off-centre of screen, so i do add a little shift/tilt on the lens, a bit of keystone correction and it does show a little CA (cromatic abberation) well, thats what it looks like to me, but, all in all, its a great unit. Just dont expect the "dynamic" mode to look good unless you're using it during the day or in a brightly lit room, at night, in a dark room its horrendous, but it was never intended to look good at night, thats what the theatre modes are for Cleaning the lens is probably a good idea (having said that, i'm lazy and i dont often enough) and you'll see what i mean, the lens cap is a WASTE of time, so mine lives without it on (its ceiling mounted btw), and it does benefit from having a quite dust off regularly... Great unit, no real complaints from my end.
  2. the update will allow the PSP to do what 3rd party software/firmware/homebrew already allows you to do, utilise your PSP to stream from the PS3, and control what the PS3 is doing. The PSP will allow you to access your PS3 and stream from it to the PSP. (EG. have you ps3 turned on, take your PSP into the bathroom and stream music to your PSP from your ps3). I cannot confirm if the PSP will act as a bluetooth remote or not, but it is certainly feasible, a PSP can already turn on a PS3 via WOL so i cant see why they cant incorporate other control features... its cool to sit at McDonalds and Wake On Lan your PS3 via the McD's WiFi and stream off your PS3 to listen to your entire music collection...
  3. I have purchased the DSE brand component cables, and although they are a decent price, they are by no means super high quality. If you unscrew the gold plated RCA end, what is exposed is multistrand copper (doesnt look that great, kinda dull coloured) with cheap soldering to the centre pin. They have no other shielding except the PVC shield either. Having said this, they do perform well. If i'm not mistaken, the packaging is the same as the CREST brand of cables, infact, i'd almost put money on Crest supplying DSE with this "titanium DSE" series as an OEM to DSE.
  4. Edit - post removed. cheers, scotty
  5. The 640R suits the Orpheus Aurora 3's i have nicely as far as power rating of the speakers is concerned. I guess i'll pick up a 5300es, try it as the "all in one" avr, then switch it to a pre-pro only and seem if there is any difference in sound, thats the real test, live and to my ears
  6. would a Shiva 12" match well with a Jaycar Plate amp? Jaycar Plate Amp I'm thinking it would, for a budget solution...
  7. not wanting to high-jack this thread, but this is a road i was going to head down soon, can anyone recommend a decent 12" driver, i want to make a sealed enclosure (not a fan of "woofy" porting, even if its potentially louder) that is both musical and a chest thumper for home theater? was looking at using jaycars plate amp (350W RMS @ 4Ohms)... EDIT - just saw the above post, nice info.. PS - i'd like it to compliment some Orpheus Aurora 3's might help this thread along too
  8. Anytime! Cheers, Scotty.
  9. yep, you'll be fine. 230v~ is 230V AC (alternating Current) which is what your power point puts out (well, actually, 240V but that 10V wont impact too greatly, as australian standards stipulate a 6% variation is acceptable, which equates to 14.04Volts and i have a bit of 230V stuff in my house) 500W is your power consumption. 50hz is the frequency, and this too is fine 50hz +/- .2% is australian standard last time i checked...
  10. Check the rear of the amp, near the power cord it will have a voltage range and amperage rating. For Example: 110-230V~ (AC) 4.8A OR 110-240V~ 480W If the rear panel shows only 110V~ then you're probably out of luck...
  11. Cheers, i do realise that in order to gain 3dB the wattage needs to be doubled, however, there is a trade off, let me explain my understanding - In order for a 3dB gain to be recieved, the wattage available needs to be doubled, thats fine and is common knowledge, however, to gain a louder output on a lower wattage amp requires the volume to be adjusted higher, and also increased THD. Furthermore, during peak intervals, the louder you play, the greater the THD and hence the flow-on effect. As little as 10dB can make a markable difference in perception, and if that 10dB is greatly more distorted, thats a big waste. No-one wants to listen to poor sound REALLY loud, i however enjoy listening to good sound that is played loud. I'm not saying the 5300 has poor sound by any means, heck, i'm tossing up getting one, but the final numbers aren't the be all and end all here. We're talking nearly double the wattage (or nearly 3dB) of difference, and that is perceivable. turn a calibrated amp to -30dB and have the exact same amp at -27dB and the difference is noticeable, and not just with a measurement mic, and thats not even taking THD into account.... Available peak power makes a big play here too. If the sony has 120W available (max, or peak to peak) then the 640R has nearly double that available during the same peak periods, and you cant tell me that 120W vs 240W during peak intervals isn't noticeable?
  12. Sent off an enquiry to sony, basically they said blatantly that all power references of the amp are PEAK power (not RMS), so the 120W per channel is MAX or Peak to Peak, meaning in the real world, the sony is only pumping out approx 70W per channel :-( Anyone have any pro's or con's? I currently have a Cambridge Audio 640R but am looking for an AVR to make better use of the new HDMI and HD Audio, which the 640R cannot handle... perhaps i could just utilise the 5300 as a pre-pro to the 640R?
  13. that was an awesome price, and a great deal struck between the store and Yamaha, obviously, at $1700 they flew out the door, because thats only $5.00 above the purchase price they secured with Yamaha for a special promo... *sigh, always a bargain when there's only reciepts in my wallet*
  14. I believe there are only 9 or 12 episodes of moonlight so far, due to the writers strike, thats all they had, so they aired what was available at the time (in the USA) not sure how many were aired locally...
  15. * deleted my own post, sorry*