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  1. Anyone know what the Rohde and Schwarz test pattern showing up on VHF ch5 is for? Heaps of signal.
  2. Has anyone noticed audio - video sync problems with SBS recently (last couple of nights)? Particularly in northern TAS?
  3. You can't tell if the votes are from HD viewers or poll-whores, therefore, stupid.
  4. What a stupid poll. about as useful as this: do you vote Labour? (Please only Labour voters respond).
  5. No, purple is the trade mark of Cadbury Limited, and must not be used without permission.
  6. Oz

    Recorded, watched and deleted. Sorry.
  7. What annoys me is if you are timeshifting a different channel - the buffer is still dumped when the recording finishes.
  8. Another vote for "full week".
  9. Make sure all your recording events use tuner 4 (Timer Extend TAP).
  10. Yep and then it was repeated later that night when 4C was supposed to be on. Right now Studio 22 is supposed to be on but A Place in France is on instead (10 minutes behind schedule).
  11. The scheduled programs are all over the place like a mad woman's sh*t at the moment. Might take a while for them to get a routine happening. I wanted to catch the Four Corners rerun late last night but was happy watching Bjork in concert instead.
  12. Like Santa's request for a Goodies rerun.
  13. How is Bjork (sp?) live in concert not entertainment (music tastes aside).
  14. Where are you Wayne?
  15. Or unless you have a Toppy with the EPG uploader TAP running.