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  1. Hi, The BW may be fixable, depending on the problem. Do a search here, or Whirlpool, or BW forum. dRdoS7
  2. Hi, I should have written: Winegard Freevision HV, not Sensar. dRdoS7
  3. Hi, I'll have a look. I had one of the bar types in 1998, only analogue TV then of course, can't remember if it worked OK or not. The DX looks like my current Jack antenna, but with "rabbit ears". Funnily enough, the best antenna I've had was an old set of rabbit ears which I mounted on a long painters pole, that was about 2011, and used with a Topfield 5000 PVR. HW-DT8 Antenna Mark 3 UHF/VHF looks interesting. Thanks, dRdoS7
  4. Hi, I always read 2 heads are better than one! Most people in Tassie have had their 2nd one removed, so couldn't confirm it. I just got a reply from Satking: Thoughts? I am hoping to avoid any mods, pole or otherwise. I may ask for a Winegard Sensar instead, if there's room, as there are solar panels on the roof, or wait and see how it actually performs. dRdoS7
  5. Hi, OK, and thanks for the replies. I'll wait and see how it works when we pickup the 'van. Still not heard back from Satking. dRdoS7.
  6. Hi, I think there may be some words missing, as it makes not much sense to me. What are directors?. I appreciate the links, but this is a caravan, so switching from horiz. to vert. is slightly difficult. Plus, I have an idea it's a quite large antenna. I do have an old 'van antenna which looks similar, but missing the rear element, and several of the front (UHF) ones. From what I read then, the wings do SFA? Question is: does it do horiz. & vert? Yes, I agree, read a book (eReader of course), but my wife prefers TV, without which I won't be reading! Plus, who wants mix with people who would talk to me? ;p I just noticed that the specs state it's "Directional", I would have sworn it said "Omni" before! If it's directional, the only way to point it is to turn the 'van. I guess I'll have see how it goes. Satking do sell one without "wings", which is for Marine & Caravan, that is "Omni". But no indication of multi-polarity, or not. I haven't heard back from them yet. Thanks, dRdoS7.
  7. Hi, I've contacted Satking, but wanted to ask opinions here. I'm buy a new caravan, it comes with this antenna: http://www.satking.com.au/terrestrial-tv/tv-antenna/caravan-tv-antenna-sk-370 Specs: Directional VHF/UHF antenna Built in amplifier Gain VHF-27 dB and UHF-35 dB Pole and roof mountable kit Power injector with gain control It has the same wings as Winegard & Signal Commander types, but is non-rotatable. To me this seems wrong as I would have thought the wings should be at right-angles to the signal (as with a normal house antenna), otherwise what use are they? Wing elements this size would only be for lower frequencies (VHF) anyway wouldn't they? It's omi-directional, but doesn't mention whether it's suitable for vertically polarised signals. Not very high either! The two I mentioned wind up to a further 1.2m. What do you think? I've searched my fav. 'van site, but can't find anybody that has one, only finding sat. stuff. Thanks, dRdoS7
  8. Hi, Ours are 12yo. But they have been long relegated to storage in the spare room, then lately, the garage. Moved to 2470, 7260, & the 2400. Now we both have Beyonwiz T2s. Never heard of anyone killing their Toppy (not permanently) with any taps, or FWs, which IMO improved the 5000 no end. Without them, we would never have bought in the first place. I put EPG Navigator, and AutoScheduler (plus a few more essentials) on both, though my wife preferred manual setting of timers via EPG. dRdoS7
  9. Hi, Do you want to record? If so, how many channels at once? Topfield or Beyonwiz, if the answers to the above is "yes" & "lots". There are others, but I've no personal experience. Cheapest of the above would be a BW T2 Barebones @ $199 (+ $15 postage) for a Refurb. unit, when they have them. You can always put a HDD (2.5") in later if you want to record. dRdoS7
  10. Possibly take it to a friend or relo's place, set it to do a few (lots maybe) recordings, see how that goes?
  11. If the Humax is well out of warranty, you could put the internal drive in a PC, and run a scan test using whatever brand HDD's program. That will prove if it's signal or HDD for sure.
  12. Have to check your manual for that. I deleted the one I downloaded before deciding to buy Beyonwiz T2s. dRdoS7
  13. Possibly, but only if the problem exists only with recordings, but not live TV. Might take a while to test that out? dRdoS7
  14. Hi, Any pattern to the bad recordings? Time of day? Network/Channel? Even though the signal checked out OK at the time, external intermittent sources can give problems. Hard to trace too. Can you get a signal from another transmitter? It may be less affected. If you have another PVR (TV with USB?), record the same shows at a different outlet/s and see if that has the same problem. Swap the Humax to another outlet. Even if you have to buy (borrow?) a cheap USB PVR, it may identify where the problem is. Record with both on the same outlet. Plus, you can never have too many PVRs. If you live near me (South West, Lower, Central Victoria) I could loan you a, slightly used, Toppy 2470. Need to supply your own HDD though. dRdoS7
  15. Hi, Yes that's true. You have a choice: 2 USB ports or 3 tuners. Unless you want to use a hub at the rear. How often would you need 2 USB ports? I've only used the front USB for FW updates, or occasionally a USB WiFi, and find rear USB is a pain to use often. From what I remember of one time I tried the front USB, it was very slow, and not something to use if I was to transfer lots of files off the T2, unless they were mp4. Maybe transferring to the T2 is faster? But it's a long time since I tried T2 to USB, I'm sure wired LAN was faster. dRdoS7