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  1. Thanks for all your efforts hddvduser, much appreciated. Just a quick question - I've installed the region free 2.51 FW, then went to 2.8 - am I correct in assuming that if I applied the 2.8 to 2.7 downgrade FW the region-free functionality will still remain ?
  2. Yep, I've got this on order from Tronix - I originally had 2K8 on order, but flip-flopped at the 11th hour before it was due to ship after reading the good reviews of MLB 08. I haven't bought a baseball game since World Series Baseball on the Saturn - will be looking forward to playing The Show when it arrives.
  3. Has Disney begun shipping the corrected version to stores in Region A or B as yet ?
  4. Hi, Firmware v2.8 can be downloaded directly from Toshiba Australia here.
  5. What are people's thoughts regarding picture quality ?
  6. I just had an order delivered to Perth via standard shipping which took approx. 2.5 weeks to arrive, this was over the Xmas period mind, so the estimates you have listed seem reasonable based on my recent experience.
  7. Whaddya know, my Bladerunner discs arrived from Amazon (US) today earlier than expected. They were sent on Dec 17 (standard shipping), estimated delivery was between Jan 8-11. I thought I'd be waiting at least another week
  8. Excellent news - I'll be changing my Bladerunner pre-order from the Ultimate to the Complete edition to save on shipping. Thanks for confirming the Complete edition contains all 5 discs.
  9. I had similiar thoughts, however according to this review the version we are now getting here sans the TrueHD soundtrack, is the remastered version.
  10. Wow I'm surprised by that, HighDef Digest gave The Departed a good score - I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, will have to give it a viewing this weekend.
  11. Agreed - there are many extras which are commonplace on other DVD's that don't get a look in on the Potter discs because of the intended audience. Perhaps on future releases we might get some reasonable docos on things like CG/FX work etc.
  12. Took advantage of JB's 3-for-2 deal and picked up The Frighteners (HD), The Departed (HD), and Kung Fu Hustle (BD) this week. Now to set aside time to watch them all - especially the mammoth Frighteners doco clocking in just under 4 hours
  13. Moved to correct thread.
  14. Would love to pick this up but I'm a bit hesitant given previous experiences with combo discs. I know this hasn't been out long, but it's worth asking if anyone has had any playback issues such as those mentioned here ?