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  1. JB Hi-Fi instant deals. Exclusive Coupon: 25% Off Selected Blu-Ray and DVD Boxsets. Chek out the full;range Available instore and online. Ends 6th December 2016.
  2. JB hifi 20% off DVD and Blu-ray. Ends Sunday 27th November 2016 + extra 10% off using coupon from newsletter subscription.for Friday 25th November only.
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  4. We are on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Our transmitter is Gore Hill / Artarmon. Recently I completely lost channel 9. I've adjusted the Aerial thinking thats the problem but can't get channel nine at all. Signal for every other network is perfect and high on my Sony TV. Channel 9 network is weak and low. With no signal and not tuned reported by TV. Any idea on this? Or is Nine just having problems with low signal itself?
  5. Hoyts at least give you the option to see what titles are available in each of there kiosks. Unfortunately they only seem to stock DVD. As for the Video Ezy kiosks. There is no way to see what titles are available in there kiosks. Which makes them fairly useless as i'm sure nobody wants to waste there time travelling to a Kiosk to not find anything good left. Last time I looked they didn't stock many blu-ray titles. I'm guessing to get HD movies download rentals seem to be a lt resort option. Although a HD digital download will never have the same quality as a blu-ray release. I must be one few who still has a video rental store in my area. Although I find there range of blu-ray limiting as they only seem to stock the popular titles on blu0ray and most of the other releases still seem only available to rent on DVD.
  6. Evita 1996: Madonna and Antonio Banderas. Never released in Australia or UK/Europe on blu-ray. Suprised such an excellent movie/musical was never released on blu-ray here. Although the USA release is region free according to blu-ray.com.. Silver Streak 1976: Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Patrick McGoohan, Jill Clayburgh Only ever been released in region A..
  7. Here in Sydney 70 changed names to 7HD. Yet at as others have said. At the moment its just playing a HD mpeg-4 1080i mirror of the 7mate channel. As expected. 7HD main aim is to show the AFL in HD. Which means the simulcast channel will depend on what channel in your area shows the AFL. Being in Sydney watch more 7Mate than the main channel so prefer that being in HD than the main channel. For fans in Melbourne and Adelaide, the 7HD channel will simulcast the network's main channel for AFL broadcasts. For fans in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane, 7HD will simulcast 7mate for AFL broadcasts, 7HD is coming – it’s official, your TV is updating as you read this.
  8. Asked this over on the Topfield forums last month when I was looking to get one. Unfortunately forums are offline at the moment. There are currently no plans to replace the 7260. They can still be purchased directly from Topfield through there web site. Essentially the 5300/5310/5320 models released September/October 2015 are the latest models from Topfield and the ones to get if your after the latest. I'd say they are just in short supply to retailers, I'm guessing due to current management problems. Which may be effecting supply and distribution. I did pickup a new 7260 and 7170 from the dick smith closing sales. So I'm all set for now.
  9. 30% off blu-ray at Big W. Thursday 5th May - Wednesday 18th May Thanks to OzBoargain poster for this deal. Ezydvd DVD & blu-ray May clerarance. Prices start at $5. (shipping $2.50 each or $80 free shipping) Ezydvd DVD clearance titles Ezydvd blu-ray clearance titles
  10. I feel sorry for those who don't have or can't get decent adsl2+ speeds or NBN. Because of no room left, over subscribed and congested exchanges, too far from the exchange or just slow internet unsuitable for streaming. Having to resort to other means to get there there fill of video rental. I'm lucky I live in an area where I get decent ADSL2+ speeds and NBN is just starting to be built in my area. Also have a network Video store locally as well that seems to be doing well. As well as free DVD rental from my local library. Was never a fan of Quickflicks. Due to there price time and getting unplayable discs. Thought as stated above. finding 2 for $20 or cheap $5 - $10 blu-rays have become common. In the end for those unlucky with no more postal rental available the last resort may have to be a Foxtel subscription or buying titles rather than renting. If streaming is not an option.
  11. Target selling blu-ray for $25. Also offering from 14th - 20th April catalogue. Bonus double sided Star Wars poster with any Force Awakens DVD, blu-ray or Disney Infinity 3.0 purchase. Not sure on the actual poster size.
  12. As I said above. The first post looks like the same titles from the old release from 2014. The second one you linked to in post #3 show 13 titles on 7 DVD. on the Amazon attached cover art for that title.
  13. Thanks. This is another German release. Previous German collections on blu-ray were all public domain titles upscaled from SD to 1080i. Description says blu-ray. Yet cover says DVD. Also doesn't mention which movies will be included in this set.
  14. Looks like the following release. John Wayne Film Collection [blu-ray] If so. Definately not the lowest price, not a new release and US$35 + shipping which is more that AU$30 delivered. First released May 6, 2014