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  1. Eli did you set your speakers to small after running Audyssey, (it's one step quite often not done)? I always set my sub levels higher after Audyssey as well, it's good for leveling them out and integrating them into the room but need a few tweaks.
  2. Definitely agree with Al re proper sub handling in it's room setup software, no point in having two subs that not working together optimally. Also as Eli says some lower end avr's may have two sub outputs that essentially just have a Y splitter inside the avr instead of two dedicated sub out puts as in the higher models.
  3. Speaking as someone who went with 7.2.2 to start my Atmos system, I would say go with the .4 setup. I only had the .2 setup for a short time before I added the extra 2 speakers and it now sounds how it should. My room dimensions are very similar to yours and I'n so happy that I added the extra 2 speakers, it's a much more enveloping experience now.
  4. 4K hdmi cables

    Haha yep much better than my feeble attempt.
  5. 4K hdmi cables

    Not sure if this is what you're after Blackman but the Ruipro cables have no requirement for USB at either end of the cable (which was a bug bear of mine with the Celerity). Being a 'Hybrid' cable, Fibre for Video with audio plus Copper for device communication, ARC etc, they are more 'transparent' in terms of handshaking between the devices in the system, so hopefully a smoother less troublesome experience (any source, display or AVR peculiarities aside), this is something that time will tell with all FO & Hybrid FO cables as well as the longevity of the cables. Edit: Both connectors are active hence the need to connect the cable ends as marked eg source/display.
  6. My Ruipro cable arrived this morning, thanks Keith. Finally got home tonight and ran the cable around the room temporarily so I could give it a run. Changed all of the Oppo settings so that it would run at max bandwidth and the Ruipro passed with flying colours. The final test for tonight was to pop in Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk 4K UHD which runs at 60FPS and again the Ruipro had absolutely no issues. So I'd have to say I'm pretty stoked that this cable is doing what it should, I'll run it for a couple of weeks in it's temporary position and then it'll go up the wall (in conduit) and through the roof. For anyone else getting the Ruipro be sure to check the direction that you run it as it's not bi-directional, the ends are marked with "source" & "display" so you shouldn't go wrong.
  7. Yeah I thought you would have. i hope you've had some luck with Sony support.
  8. The Fifth Element 4K UHD

    Arrival The Martian Extended Edition Hacksaw Ridge They're the only ones I can think of off hand.
  9. The Fifth Element 4K UHD

    Yep you're probably right.............hey why stop now, they're on a winning formula.............
  10. The Fifth Element 4K UHD

    Oh bugger.............. I just put in TFE 4K, only had time to watch the first ten or so minutes, just up to where Lelu steps out onto the ledge. I think I will finally be able to stop buying this movie now!! This is simply the BEST I've ever seen it look.
  11. The Fifth Element 4K UHD

    From what I'v read it's pretty good, I have the 2015 remastered bd and that's the best I've ever seen this film (and I've owned way too many releases of this ), but the 4K is supposed to be brilliant.
  12. Good article here on what's needed to get Dolby Vision in your home setup. The good news too is that the D + M 2015 models will be getting DV via FW update and this has been confirmed by JD Smoothie
  13. The Fifth Element 4K UHD

    My copy arrived this morning so will be checking it out tonight.