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  1. That's certainly not normal behavior my X5000 doesn't do it, in fact I've never had a pj with this issue. I'd call JVC about it.
  2. Hi vick82 please include a price. Thank you.
  3. Yep you can put it here in our Classifieds section: Private Classifieds TV's & Projectors.
  4. No the issue is the HDMI input not the USB.
  5. You're also going to need to allow at least 30cm for ventilation at the back of the pj as it has it's air intake at the back of the unit.
  6. Do the Oppo and the micro switch on the Oppo remote first before you do the Harmony as it's likely to ask you to point the Opo remote at the Harmony as part of the process to check it's got the correct code.
  7. Yep the Oppo 203/205 got the DV update in the latest FW.
  8. Change the settings on the remote and player first. If you're using the My Harmony program, connect the harmony to your pc, click on devices, select the Oppo you want to change the code for. Click on change device settings, then on device version (bottom of the list) and then next and then just follow the instructions.
  9. There are wall mount brackets available as well such as the ones from Selby Acoustics
  10. Projector lens to screen = throw distance.
  11. Glad to see some people coming back, hopefully this is just the start.
  12. Haha yep just ignore me, been a long hectic week at work and I took the "plex for fetch" completely backwards. Was thinking Plex would have access to fetch instead of there being a plex app for the fetch boxes, I use Plex on my ATV4's.
  13. I have the remastered Cinema Edition (region A) BD and it really is the best I've seen this movie look, I can't wait for the UHD.
  14. No definitely not.
  15. Well Ch 10 has now gone into voluntary administration. https://www.triplem.com.au/news/melbourne/channel-ten-heads-into-voluntary-administration