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  1. Recommended posted my review on it
  2. New FW with DV support:
  3. Condolences about the tragedy, but great news for the franchise.. Anyhow, from the latest news about the forum, it looks like it's the last review I may post here...
  4. Watched Wonder Woman recently, and they should get rid of Zack and get this director to do the Justice League: Finally, someone who looks as fine in that tiny outfit as Lynda Carter back in the 70s. And fights well too.
  5. There's no reason for a local rep to repair it for free. But if you are willing to pay, I think they will take on the job, cheers.
  6. Well, the profit is made in US, the local chap doesn't get anything. It's unlike Apple or some of the companies which are essentially international. The JBLs' will have a sweet price tag in US, so it's your call on taking a chance. JBL 305? I have bought plenty of stuff from US, and I go in with my eyes open. It's been good, I understand that the savings can pay for repairs if needed. Cheers
  7. Can I confirm that the Panny doesn't support DV?
  8. That's good news Sometimes I feel that selling things on this forum is like undergoing the Spanish Inquisition..
  9. Any idea of when will this reach UHD? As for the AUD - buy amazon vouchers now...
  10. Intouchable – movie review I have always had an affinity for French movies. The French language lends itself to humor, most often dosed with a bit of sarcasm. If it’s served with great wit and timing, by actors with a good chemistry, that’s the recipe for a great movie.
  11. Summer Wars Review How can one place Summer Wars? Think of a movie that allows elements of a hacking nerd vs a huge virus, with a sprinkling of romance and plenty of a motley family naturally imbibed with lots of quirks. I guess that you have elements of The Royal Tenenbaums mixed with some Ghost in the Shell to make one of the finest anime ever made, I kid not. When I first bought the disc, I figured I had acquired some disc on summer battles ala the bloody classroom brawls found in Battle Royale, but I guess I should have done more homework first. Yet, I emerged from watching it with a great warm feeling, that my time was well spent. Highly recommended.
  12. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is a real solid movie that is in the vein of the best action movies, with the mix of humor, romance and of course action done just right: And that soundtrack... time to take out my cassettes..
  13. For those who are fans of Hong Kong movies and don't mind a scary one, check this out : This will make The Ring look quite tame.. interesting plot .. think Constantin but in Canto...