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  1. OLED turns 30 (Sound & Vision)
  2. According to Lifehacker AU, it is 720p...
  3. lipstick over a still expensive pig? (with apologies to all 🐷)
  4. Why not use the Sonos in alfresco? You can move the indoors one outside when needed. Or get another...
  5. As most owners here know, Anthem ARC does a very good job of compensating for rooms, especially non-dedicated ones. However, ARC does not handle spatial variation, ie change in bass response at different listening positions. Another criticism of ARC is that it supports only 1 subwoofer. ARC treats multiple subs as a single group of integrated subs, with no ability to vary settings between subs. Multi-Sub Optmizer (MSO) reduces dramatically the variation of bass response in different seats and integrates the subs well. MSO+ARC has transformed my HT; see my MSO Review. Highly recommend you give MSO a try.
  6. Get a Logitech Harmony 650 from Officeworks.
  7. Welcome Ben to the Anthem club. Better late than never!
  8. For those looking to improve their movie experience, ARC (Anthem Room Correction) is an easy to use tool which will give movie audio a big boost. Audio becomes clear and distinctive on each of the 5.1 channels with its amps, or 7.1 as a pre amp. A big help for those using non dedicated rooms. If you want to find out more about ARC, go to the Anthem AV owners thread. @elf237, suggest you include the USB to serial converter (assuming you use one). GLWTS...
  9. Good pickup on the 603s...
  10. Give Multi-Sub Optimizer a go. See my review here.
  11. Multi-Sub Optimiser (MSO) is a free software tool to optimize multiple sub woofers by integrating the subs with main speakers and improving the evenness of bass response across the whole listening area. The program was written by AndyC on AVS Forum (discussion thread hosts all discussions, support, bugs etc.) The documentation states that MSO gives the best results with three or more subs but with two subs, the improvement may be limited. However, good results were obtained in my environment using 2 dissimilar subs. Ideally, you should be familiar with REW and have a calibrated mic. And a digital signal processor (DSP) is required. Room An open plan family room, with limited room treatments (curtains, as much soft material as can be sneaked in!) and very limited choices for placement of speakers and subs. WAF considerations preclude further room treatments. MSO for Stereo Stereo was previously running as a 2.1 system using a SVS SB13U sub. After adding a second smaller SVS SB2000 sub and applying the MSO filters, the bass came across tighter and more controlled in the main listening position (MLP). Even positions to the left and right of MLP are much better than before. The stereo setup has improved significantly; am (re)discovering the bass in my music library! MSO for Home Theatre Currently using Anthem Room Correction (ARC) for HT audio and multi-channel music. However, ARC cannot compensate for spatial variation between seating. The previous 5.1 setup used the SB13U. The new 5.2 setup, with the addition of the SB2000 and MSO, gave a noticeable better bass response for movies. MSO+ARC did an excellent job of integrating the subs, better than ARC alone. What was impressive was the evenness of bass response across the listening area. For multi-channel music, tracks which had a significant amount of bass came across better with MSO. And more uniform bass across the different listening positions. Conclusion MSO is a free, easy-to-use tool to optimise multiple subs. MSO with 2 subs has significantly improved my stereo setup and movies, and to a lesser extent multi-channel music. What is impressive is the evenness of bass response across the listening area. Delighted with this upgrade of a second sub and MSO.
  12. Have always liked the traditional brands like NAD, Rotel e.g. from Stereophonic without the fancy connections e.g. Musicast. Search the web for reviews of budget integrated amps. By the way, what will you be using as the stereo source? If digital, then you may want to consider a DAC, but of course increases $ ? If you are coming into Melb, more than welcome to listen to my stereo setup.
  13. I understand. With your budget, you can get some decent stereo integrated amps if you spend around $500, but the challenge is to fill the large room with decent speakers. Your budget suggests book shelf speakers but ideally floor standers should be used for that large room. Which brings me to the question on what are you expecting from your stereo? Is it to fill the room with some music (in which case you can have my very old stereo for free!)? Or are you trying a dip into stereo and expect it to exceed the HT system for stereo performance? If it is the latter, then you will need to up your budget to get a half decent system. Even second hand ones to produce decent stereo will probably exceed your budget.
  14. Why would you not use your MRX 710 for stereo in the man cave? While I have written in Anthem thread that the MRX 710 is not as good as my dedicated stereo (which is way way more than your budget!), I am pretty certain it will beat your basic stereo proposal.
  15. I was surprised when I experimented with moving my speakers 0.5m to one side, to the front. Use tape to mark your positions and see whether it makes any difference.