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  1. Suggest visiting Clef HiFi in South Melbourne. Or go second hand? Once again, good luck...
  2. Sticking with Anthem or going different direction? GLWTS...
  3. Thank you for the layout. Ok, we are stuck with the rears which mean that the layout of the room should not be changed. Adding 2 more speakers to make it 7.1 will not improve things as much as getting the existing setup correct and reducing echo in the room. :)Al has included some good material above. Should also look at how to reposition the speakers and subs. Suggest TV instead of projector because of layout.
  4. @bfhoon, we understand you are excited about your home theatre and want to get everything right quickly. However, we cannot do everything at once. We seem to be jumping from one thing to another without finishing off on some of the issues. Firstly, please provide us with a sketch of the room and approximate dimensions. Then please tell us whether you are prepared to change the layout of the equipment or we must keep it as it is because of power points, WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) - we all have a better half, don't want new holes etc. 'Thirdly, please tell us your priorities eg. I want to get the sound better first, can live with existing TV or I must get a projector etc... My intent, and I am sure it is the same with the others, is to get the basics working well. There is a reason for this. As you improve your knowledge and learn about your home theatre, your priorities could change. As an example, you may initially say I need to keep the room as it is because of xyz... But after 3 months, you can change your mind and decide that you are prepared to move the rear speakers, cut some holes etc. We will try to guide you on the various ways to set up your system, advise you options etc.
  5. I don't suppose you can move the brackets or get new extended ones?? Solid door is better way to go, not only from a sound absorbing perspective, but also less noise to rest of house. To reduce echo, you can put a bookcase with books, heavier curtains with larger pleats, bits of furniture. I noticed you had rugs on the carpet. Try temporally hanging on walls. Your echo is due to your bare plaster walls.
  6. I assume rear speakers are fixed brackets, can you swap to something which pivots? If you point them down towards seating, and move the seating off the back wall, that should improve their loudness. Echo in room can be reduced by putting more things in room, hangings on the wall. Replacing hollow door with glass door will increase echo.
  7. No problems mounting rears high, but if possible, point them down to the lounge. Yes, you can add a second sub now, but it complicates your set up. You have learn to check the phasing of 2 subs, make sure that the smaller sub is not overwhelmed (or in worst case blown), and learn how to play with sub positioning. Hence, my suggestion to do it next after you have done your initial setup and mastered the basics.
  8. Yes, you will have to get a mic; unfortunately, our ears are not good enough. Audyssey will set the speakers and subs to the same loudness level, manage the cross over between speakers and subs and make the frequency response as flat as possible. Yes, you can hook up additional subs, but I suggest you do this later once you have do the initial setup. Have a look at what @hopefullguy posted. They should help fill in some gaps.
  9. AVRs set the cross over by running room calibration software such as Audussey. There may be a setting for you to set this manually, pls check your manual. Without Audussey, suggest setting cross over to 80hz and volume of sub to 50% and see whether it sounds ok. You can increase sub volume to say 70/80% but not more. Your sub will likely perform better than your speakers at 80 Hz and below, so suggest not adjusting this. Yes, speaker spec said it can go lower than 80Hz, but without measurements, cannot say how good it is.
  10. You need a microphone and should get one from the dealer or Amber Tech, Onkyo distributor. @:) al may be able to suggest other microphones. It will fix the problem with your rears being too soft, set volume of sub, cross over frequency. Improves the HT experience by providing some calibration of the system. Don't worry if you cannot hear difference between 0 & 180.
  11. Your Onkyo AVR is beefy, will run 7 channels or a second zone. Auto switch allows your sub to be on standby and when it detects a signal will come on. Similarly, it will go into standby after a while. Switch for 0 or 180° allows you to match phase of sub with other speakers. Set it to the one which is louder. Volume control allows you to increase, decrease volume according to taste. Hz is for the cross over frequency when your sub is cuts off. Suggest you set volume mid point, Hz at highest level and run Audyssey calibration on AVR. Audyssey compensates for some room limitations, makes audio better. Audyssey balances volume for all speakers including rears, sets cross overs, delays etc. Please let us know if you need help running Audyssey.
  12. Make sure the speakers point towards the sitting position. Surrounds do not necessarily have to be loud, as long as it is appropriate for the movie. Good that you have heavy curtains. You may need a little more soft furnishings if talking creates echo. The bigger problem for 2 rows of seating is eveness of bass. 2 or more subs should be considered before going 7 channel. Yes, noted that you have second sub. This is more for OP.
  13. You will need room treatment. At the minimum, some heavy curtains, more soft furnishings. My HT is in open plan family room, about the same size and same high ceilings. Have glass sliding doors behind couch and have heavy curtains covering them. Have large windows on one side, with blinds. I do have higher end speakers and dual subs; technically I have a 5.2 system.
  14. I was an early adopter of 7.1, so early that there was only 1 title, the original Star Wars that was 6.1. About 3 years ago, I moved into a rental, then new home and switched to 5.1. I was expecting to miss 7.1 but did NOT. It helps when the AVR and speakers are good. And no plans to go Atmos either. So suggest remaining with 5.1 Please note that adding 2 more speakers means that your Onkyo has to share power across 7 channels rather than 5. Ignore brochure on how much power it provides a channel. Take 90% of power consumption and divide by number of channels. That give you a good estimate of actual power per channel. If you want to improve HT audio, suggest a second sub.
  15. In the ideal situation, the AVR, through its room correction software, will be managing dual subs independently. Entry level AVRs provide the most basic correction software which cannot handle dual subs. Also the 2 sub ports are no better than a Y splitter. I can see the spruikers saying that this entry AVR is better because it can go twice as loud with 2 subs!