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  1. Hi Daz, Do you know where he got it? The best I've found near me is DSE $360 price matching (almost) GG. I was going to buy today at that price.
  2. Any updates on pricing? I'm looking to pick up two of these units but JB and HN are both refusing to go lower than about $380.
  3. Awesome, I'll give Nick a call. Was the price for the Epi in the PB inclusive of the Jarrah finish because I know in the Neuphonix it cost an extra $200?
  4. Thanks Chris. That's good to know. So if we go and see Nick he'll give us the prices you circulated even for single units?
  5. I bought a pair of Neuphonix in the last power buy. Would be interested in adding an Epicentrix if this goes ahead.
  6. It always takes me a few goes to fine tune, particularly something complex like the Beyonwiz. Very pleased with the way it works now though.
  7. Thanks for that. I'll check them out.
  8. I'm doing some research for a friend on what 26" LCD to buy. Most of the info i've read is either older, or relating to 32" models. Any feedback on models and pricing for a 26" would be appreciated. Cheers, Kurt
  9. Thanks Nolz. Just before I go for the manual, the bi-wire cable I have is factory terminated. At the speaker end there are four banana plugs and two at the avr end. Will this still allow me to do it?
  10. I've got v1700 powering two fronts. Any tips on how to bi-amp would be appreciated. Cheers, Kurt
  11. Just to check that I have my terminology correct, I assume that bi-amping requires two amplifiers as opposed to bi-wiring which involves running effectively two cables to a compatible speaker?
  12. Sounds like I was lucky. I picked up my Neuphonix the same week I ordered them. I suspect a few ahead of me in the queue weren't ready with their cash.DJ DJ - I'm interested in what you paid for the Marantz. Can you PM me if you're not comfortable posting it?
  13. Slightly OT but can anyone suggest an entertainment unit that matches the jarrah finish of the Krix speakers? I'll probably mount my plasma and place the Epicentrix on the cabinet when I buy it.
  14. I managed to pick up a Beyonwiz for $1300 on 30 months interest free at HN. I spent $3000 all up so probably tough to get this as a standalone price.
  15. The cost price of the major retailers can be misleading. They get deals such as 'buy 8 get 2 free' which obviously reduces the effective cost price.