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  1. Amazon Uk

    Yeah, sad. They are no longer competitive at all for books against Bookdepository, BetterworldBooks, or Fishpond (yes, I've bought a lot of books form Fishpond since Amazon stopped free shipping, and they were definitely cheaper). Blu Rays though - they still have some pretty good prices, but I've not ordered anything since - and not that I'm waiting for free shipping to return, just not so competitive. Now rather than just plain impulse buying I order more like Amazon US where I place larger orders to offset postage costs. Although unlike Amazon US they don't generally split the shipments for no extra cost. And a lot of the ones I look out they end up cheaper amazon US with the shipping, in a larger order.
  2. Amazon Uk

    Yeah, I've always had pretty spotty delivery times for US and UK (UK when they used Deustch Post especially)
  3. Well, this thread has near died since Amazon uk stopped free shipping... But I found one Boardwalk Empire Season 1 Limited with Artbook for $27 at JB
  4. Amazon Uk

    Yeah, Bookdepository is about the same speed as Amazon UK when Amazon UK aren't sending via Germany... Betterworld books on the other hand can be slow, especially if you get from their marketplace - I believe BWB use a forwarding scheme, where the seller sends the books to BWB and they post them overseas. Fishpond (yes, I do buy books from them when they are the best price, and got at least 8 last year) are about the same - they just get their books sent from overseas direct. Also, there is a great Aussie site for comparing book prices, to Australia
  5. Amazon Uk

    I'm so glad I ordered those books last week. Book postage is ridiculous there. But it makes Zavvi more appealing for orders now. The free shipping changed my buying habits. I bought more, impulse bought more, and wasn't so worried about making up a big order to even the postage costs out (like I do with Amazon US still). And I bought a lot from them that I'd typically have bought elsewhere. Like for books they won't even rank a second or third glance anymore - prior to free shipping Amazon UK never ONCE turned up on my radar for book purchasing. Previously I got all my books from Bookdepository, betterworkld books, but with the free shipping (as the other two stores already have) Amazon UK was more competitive (not always). Now, I can't even bother looking at them, and will just get them from Book depository or betterworld books, or even fishpond.
  6. Amazon Uk

    I mean they didn't send any emails out. And obviously it caught everyone unawares as I wasn't seeing any noise online saying "oh the free UK shipping is stopping, hurry up and get your orders in!!!". No, it just stopped, and maybe some overobservant poindexters who always read fine print noticed (and didn't bother frigging mentioning online like here or other forums), but I didn't, and I doubt many others did either.
  7. Amazon Uk

    Ah god what a travesty! It has disappeared today :( :( Absolutely no notice as well. What a joke I sure hope it returns
  8. Hmm, yeah. Quite a good scene actually. I usually just roll my eyes at stripper scenes (including Natalie Portman in whatever that film was), but this one was impressive... Stealth is wirth $8 On bargains, I don't know if a misprice, but the Bond 50 set is a whopping 75 pounds shipped from Amazon UK...
  9. Ah man so many good ones. Prometheus is way up the top of mine.
  10. Complete lost at Amazon UK for 50.97 (A$73.50)... Incredible price. I don't think I could watch it though after series 1. So tempting though...
  11. Black Friday Sales 2011

    LOL at the Lost complete collection. Still tonnes available. Not that great a price honestly.
  12. I'm waiting for the inevitable UK price drop to about 15 pounds...
  13. LOL on twilight. I didn't mind the first. The second I kept falling asleep in. And the third, both my wife and I were cringing the entire time it is so CHEEZY. I hope they haven't continued the downward spiral...
  14. Given UK I take it this is the short version of The Shining?
  15. I've got the Aus Blu Ray and yes it is the DC. I'm one of the few people who like the film a lot b