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  1. we had a grafik eye nice unit
  2. idiot here.....hello ! would the untrained eye (me) notice a considerable difference when watching a movie - pre and post calibration? or would it depend on how 'wrong' the 'pre' image was? and are some projectors better 'out of the box' than others? be nice to the idiot
  3. enjoy it................before it starts to smoke and smell funny and then stops working ! it's like your favourite LP, just before it gets that first scratch that just f**ks things up......
  4. cool i like it when old sh!t works ! i like it even more when old sh!t works well
  5. ozbargain ? looks good
  6. have you tried asking on the beyonwiz forum? they are very helpful and knowledgeable there
  7. good story good company good result
  8. Thanks for the replies, both of you the bent prongs...simply bend them back and stop feeding the maggies?
  9. Hi, Recently bought a house and have this antenna attached to the chimney. Is this a newish or old antenna? (it appears to have 2 of the vertical spikes bent over - i guess that was due to a very heavy magpie?) Thanks in advance https://www.dropbox.com/s/r3mtucunettmks3/2015-09-12%2009.59.58.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1web70h29fogvz0/2015-09-12%2009.59.39.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/q8var7fab7c01lt/2015-09-12%2010.00.04.jpg?dl=0
  10. ezyhd is the way to go buy once, then no future worries
  11. maybe donate them to warkus?
  12. don't waste your time with anyone else warkus is the guy who will solve it
  13. buy from foxy.... http://www.ezyhd-cables.com.au/hdmi-cable.html