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  1. Went for a single SB16 ultra. It fits snug in the spot I had and i didn't need to sacrifice a couch
  2. I've to many friggin couches. haha
  3. Lifx does a GU10 fitting thats 650 lumens. Never used that one myself but my logitech control my lifx lamp globe pretty well.
  4. Item: PB2000 Location: Berwick, Melbourne Price: $1,350 each (Slightly neg) Item Condition: Brand New in box Reason for selling: Decided on a single bigger SVS subwoofer Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: (EDIT: One is now sold) ---- Bought these both with the intention of going dual but quickly realized once they arrived that they physically weren't going to fit into my room layout. I know I'll never get the original purchase price but I'd like to get as close back as possible. I've purchased a new sub but I'm not going poor having these sitting here, so I'm in no rush to sell them for a ridiculous price. I'm happy to ship but the buy will need to organize and pay for it. PM me for more info Pictures:
  5. I think you're correct. Can't remember the exact specs but the tweeter can be angled to where ever you're sitting
  6. I think for in ceilings you've made a good choice. As i said above the 8" yammys i have handle all i throw at them!
  7. I'd actually never heard of this forum until this morning. Occasionally if I'd google a product review would pop up. So i joined that last night just to see what other forum discussions they had. A post of their referred someone to dtvforum so I thought I'd take a look. Yes I do have an AV business and yes I do sell all types of AV gear. Not hear to shove my business down everyones throat though just share what I've learnt or help members with installation tips. I'm by no means any expert on all things AV that's for sure
  8. Hey mate, In all honesty I didn't really play around much the speakers for the first year or so I've had them. It's only been the past month since installing a subwoofer (then selling it to buy another) that I've really taken notice in them while playing around with different frequency ranges etc. The 777 are great entry level speakers I did a small amount of research on them before i found a pair pretty cheap on gumtree then I jumped in head first. I'll probably move them on soon in favor of the SVS Primes and an Ultra Centre though.
  9. I can get the Ns-IC800 now for around $270inc though my supplier if anyone wants a pair.
  10. I use the 8" yamahas for my complaints so i couldn't see them being an issue for atmos. When I'm using 9 channel stereo they actually don't sound to bad either, they can handle a little more bass being 8" so you can play around with the frequency level a bit.
  11. Just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Marc an electrician and AV installer based in SE Melbourne my business is Superb Cinema & Electrical. Thought I'd join to see how many other AV fanatics are out there. My home system isn't a huge deal but is comprised of Yamaha 777 fronts, 444 centre, 8" yamaha in ceiling's, Yamaha RX-V2073 and a SVS SB16 Ultra (perks of being a installer/supplier) the area is more of a living area so I haven't bothered really upgrading my speakers the past few years.
  12. Yamaha 6" directional speakers will do. I've found from installing a heap of various speakers used for atmos you'll still need to raise the level for them in the amp setup quite a bit anyway,