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  1. After struggling to understand what exactly i was doing...i finally got a grip of things. I have learned a thing or two from reading this https://www.1and1.co.uk/digitalguide/websites/website-creation/how-do-i-convert-my-site-to-ssl-and-https/ and given that the main purpose of this was to protect our website's data and most importantly all of our online transactions, i really needed to learn the basics!..Glad to say that i just had my SSL certificate installed and my wordpress site (well, half-owned site) has officially been converted to SSL....Yiihaa! Happy dance! My next step now is to learn how to implement a permanent 301 redirect on a page level.
  2. Dr Who New Series

    Thanks for sharing this! I guess the hype is really worth it after all. I am def joining this ship!
  3. I checked it out..not the most beginner friendly but i will be giving it a shot either way. Thanks!
  4. This is absolutely glorious!! Ugh, i can't deal with how amaizing this is. !
  5. It's sadly ADSL and just because he is my ex-husband does not mean that we cannot work together (when necessary)..because the website belongs to the both of us.
  6. Hi guys, with around 100 million users, i would love to know your opinions on the sandbox video game, Minecraft? Plus, online multiplayer games require multiple servers. I want to ask....how do i set up a Minecraft on a dedicated root server??? I have the option of asking my ex-husband to do it for me...but well, i would rather not! plus, i just want to start learning how to do things by myself
  7. Nobody knows anything....really?
  8. Oh Wow!! Amaizing!! This must have cost a fortune though....Right?
  9. Hi guys, well, my ex husband had a cooking business that has a website. I have a small request, if anyone here has an idea of how to correctly convert a website to SSL i would be grateful, and in my case you are basically talking to a beginner
  10. Dr Who New Series

    Ugh. Goodness! Where have i been?? Judging from the reviews...I need to jump on this ship asap!!
  11. Random Music that just popped into your head

    Ugh..this always puts me in a super good mood.
  12. Ps4 Game Trade Thread

    If i may ask..is this meant to be better than the Star Wars Battlefront?
  13. Hi!

    Is my budget really that short? I thought it was enough to get something just right. Oh well.
  14. Hi!

    To be honest I’ve been trying to research this on my own but sometimes the spec sheets don’t seem to be formatted the same across websites and I’m having trouble verifying optimal compatibility.