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  1. Random Music that just popped into your head

    We got to make the most of it.. well ..while we still have it Mello LOL
  2. Random Music that just popped into your head

    From Melbourne, Jim Lawrie
  3. Where to buy digital tracks?

    Yes, many of the international download sites like HD TRACKS (USA), HIGHRESAUDIO (Germany), and QOBUZ (France) have geo-blocking. And, VPN software that circumvents these blocks can be an added expense Depending on your play-back equipment, I advised purchasing "lossless" 16-bit, 44.1kHz and above. Over 20-bit, 48 kHz is regarded as "high-res" Naturally, the higher resolution, the more expensive the download As for Joan Armatrading in particular, there doesn't appear to be any high-res releases on any of the above overseas sites Sadly, zDigital in Australia only offers JA lossy MP3 downloads...although it appears you can buy single tracks from them. Armatrading
  4. The Beatles

    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th Anniversary Stereo and 5.1 Remix, May 26
  5. It would be interesting what bit rate the Norwegians are using .. then again, what band are they using;; MF, VHF? But the transition has faced a considerable amount of scepticism, with many listeners complaining in Bodø that their radio reception was poor.“This morning I put my DAB radio on and it had a very glitchy sound,” said Lasse Marhaug, a sound artist and composer. “And digitial glitching is not as warm as an FM crackle. It made me think maybe it’s not such a good idea. In Norway we’re so keen to be first with everything, I wonder if we’re not going into this too fast.” Norway ignores bad reception and starts FM radio switch-off
  6. "There's been very isolated adoption of 128kb/s by DAB+ stations." — MLXX It appears 128 kb/s is the sweet spot .. There should have been an ACMA standard set when DAB+ was launched ...that streams must match the same 'perceived' sound quality as the FM signal.. I don't expect digital radio stations to match CD quality but it should be an improvement over FM.
  7. Canberra Dab+ Trial

    I'm not familiar with what bit rate would be required for the DAB+ services to sound as good as FM services but there may be a glimmer of light.. it was announced back in December that the ABC was going to improve the bitrates of their services. ABC Radio is also investigating transmission improvements to address reception gaps in the existing five DAB+ markets. It aims to ensure a resilient DAB+ service in every capital city, with enhanced bitrates and infill where necessary.
  8. "The cost cutting decision will save $1.9 million a year — a tiny fraction of the ABC's $1 billion plus annual budget." —Xenophon I agree the HF services should be reinstalled... at least Xenophon is the practical one here. I came to this forum to see if any dates had been set for the roll out of DAB+ into regional areas. But some here have expressed concern about the bit rate and overall sound quality. I'm sure that many would argue that digital radio should be as good as FM or better. What is the ideal bit rate for DAB+ so it does "sound" as good as FM? And, what is the goal of DAB+ eventually replace AM (MF) and FM services or just compliment them? I'm not exactly sure why we still have AM- MF radio.. In regional areas, most of the station have moved from AM to FM. Wasn't the national broadcasters given additional money for the rollout of digital tv.. not sure why this wasn't the case with digital radio Another factor with all of this is.. online streaming.. I must admit -these days- I mainly stream all of my radio listening with a mobile phone. Although step outside of major town with a decent 4G coverage.. you must rely on regional broadcasters... I suppose, at this stage, its a balance between rolling out improved mobile services (ie.improving capacity) and maintaining a reliable broadcasting network.