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  1. Thanks for replying! While operating the remote (not exactly sure which button was being pushed at the time!) the screen "locked" onto menu. Scrolled through every option but not all were even available. Eventually turned power off: "reboot". On menu > installation/searching. Start search > ok. Got everything functional again but no recordings. Not filled up as we continually delete so we can record more. Sad fact is we'll just start again! Probably doesn't hurt to have a cull at times. Having time to go back and view "old" recordings is a luxury we don't currently have. Moral of this story is to record onto a USB anything we're passionate about seeing or seeing again! Thanks again.
  2. We've just had to reset our Topfield STB - TRF-7170. Had trouble figuring it out but now all is working ... including the fact that it can record!! BUT ... all our previous recordings appear to have gone!!! Is there a way of recovering them? I do have a 89 page printed guide, but thought this might be quicker. Can anyone give me some good news please??