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  1. Thx pgdownload for yr comments. So is there anyone out there who can tell me that their TEAC Freeview Plus unit is meeting the performance requirements which I have defined above? In the meantime I am exploring an alternative to Freeview: using the Microsoft Edge web browser on my Win 10 laptop to cast TV station catch-up and library content to my old WD TV Live unit. The only problem I have found with this method so far is that it is unable to cast some (or all?) channel 9 content (perhaps because it is HTTPS rather than HTTP protocol?) Is there a forum where I can find discussions on this topic?
  2. I have a specific requirement for an STB. It must support Freeview Plus, and it must be able to access all the provided catch-up content of all FTA channels. It must have the option of output via red-yellow-white connectors (is that 'composite'?). I would prefer the capacity to record either on internal disk or an external device via USB, but this is not essential. I will not accept downloaded catch-up content in which the audio plays out-of-sync. So if I watch a streaming catch-up program on my computer (over my cable internet connection) in which the audio is in sync, I expect the STB to deliver the same program with the same quality. I have already returned an STB which did not meet this requirement. Is there ANYBODY who can tell me that they have an STB which meets these requirements?