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  1. Is there any way to play a video file with an attached SRT file on Humax HDR-7510T
  2. Having another problem with my Humax, several times when playing a video recorded via my Computer & the Internet the video stops suddenly & a message pops up saying 'can not support this format " When I click on Resume playing it doesn't start where it left off but at the beginning again, can anyone tell me why this happens
  3. I sent Panasonic a message & just got this back The message and the icon that showed on the TV means that the TV is trying to read the file from the USB stick. This is a normal function of the TV.
  4. Once again Peter thank you
  5. Just bought a new Panasonic TV ....Watching a recording via a USB stick last night & my Humax was recording a program & the word 'wait' surrounded by tiny lines rotating around it like clock hands for a second or 2 then went away, can anyone tell me why that happened
  6. Thanks Peter
  7. Found this Peter To disable this banner set 'Data Application Service = OFF' in the Setup menu
  8. Thanks for all your help Peter
  9. Peter the strip that pops up at the top of the screen I got rid of it The USB I have worked out also Now how do I access the media player & The only way I can get sound when using the Humax HDR-7510T after plugging it into the new TV using an HDMI cable was the set the audio on the TV to analogue & also use a red & white cable I don't know why as I have only ever used an HDMI on the old TV
  10. We have just bought a Panasonic Viera TV TH49DX600U..... ..... can anyone tell me how I can watch videos I have recorded & stored on a USB stick, also every now and then a strip pops up on the left side at the top of the screen ???? with now and a red square and Freeview with a green square is there any way of stopping it
  11. Thanks so much Peter for your help
  12. We have a Panasonic Viera model TX-32LXD70A. I has been playing up for ages, when we press the power button it often goes back off & we have to press it several times before it comes on so I would be glad to get rid of it even though it is still working OK otherwise. We also have a Humax PVR
  13. Thanks Peter, our DVD player has died & we need to buy a new region free one & apparently it will need an HD TV so that is really why we are looking for a new TV at the moment, the one we have is fairly old & not HD. We don't need a TV with all the bells & whistles, we will only be watching free to air TV & DVD's
  14. Thanks, I did read a review of the Hisense that said [ Only problem i have come across is connection to my PVR set top box, the remote interferes with the tv signal and has made the set top box useless.] so that is a bit of a worry