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  1. Thanks mate, I'll have a look. Michael
  2. It's a valid question, but I'll worry about that when I get a little further with the project. I have seen a couple of pictures of the motors and (yes) they seem to be bulky. I'll have to work out power points and some sort of remote control as well. Do you know of anyone in Oz that sells them?
  3. I'll batten out the ceiling joists for starters. When I attach the sheets, I'll use 20.00 mm (hard) rubber grommets at each fixing point. This will allow me to accurately control the height of the individual panels and leave enough room for the (star) fibres to be run and not get pinched. I have seen a couple of these star ceilings, using a "shooting star" arrangement. Any idea where you buy those from? Michael
  4. G'day mate, I've been reading a couple of forums for several months, to figure out what I want to do and how to do it. I'm building a new house (owner builder) and it will have a dedicated theatre room 4.90 x 7.0 x 2.7 high The ceiling will be 4 (16.00 MDF) panels 3100 x 1200. Obviously painted black and I'll biscuit join the sheets. I've done building work many times, so this isn't that difficult for me. It really was about figuring out some of the stuff that I have zero experience with and the paint was one of them. Once I get further into the project, I know there's going to be a lot of other questions. And I did borrow a few of your ideas :-) Michael
  5. What's an RAA card?
  6. Thanks for the info, I really do appreciate it. From what you've written, it seems obvious that the Solver is the better choice... if you want "blacker". Michael
  7. The star ceiling will be MDF panel, so I will need to prime the boards. I'll just find the darkest primer that I can.
  8. Good point, mate. I was just trying to draw on other people's experience, that all. Michael
  9. Thanks for the reply. To be honest, I kinda struggle with the idea of it being expensive. I dilutes 3 parts water to 1 part paint. So with a 4 litre tin (3.8 to be exact), I can easily do 3 coats, with paint left over.... for $92.00. With the ventilation, you could hire and exhaust fan.... probably a bit late now though :-) I'd still like to find out if anyone has used this paint and how black this stuff really is. Michael
  10. G'day all, I'm trying to do some homework for the ceiling in the home theatre that I will be building. I'm curious what people are using for the black ceiling paint, so that I can utilise a star ceiling. The two that I've found so far are; Rosco's - Super Saturated Velour Black. Part number 6003 Solver – Scenic flat acrylic – Colour is Poster Black The Super Saturated Velour Black seems to be a better option as far as value goes but I have read somewhere that it can look a little grey. I did ring the company that sells the paint and they said the correct mix was three parts water to one part paint. I did ask about the paint looking a little grey and the person said that maybe the paint had been thinned too much. Has anybody had any experience applying this paint with an airless spray gun? I would appreciate any tips for the primer as well. Any help would really be appreciated Michael
  11. G'day mate, You wrote (like having to get up to change the input on the box) What exactly do you mean by that. I figured that once you have it set up....that's pretty much all there is .... am I wrong? Just curious (for what I'm going to be doing) is an ethernet connection enough? Are there other choices, if needed? Michael
  12. G'day Peter, With regards to the NAS, the Synology DS1815 seems pretty good. The way you've described the setup is pretty much how I'll do it. The reason that I think the Blu-Ray player is the way to go is, that I'm already familiar with using the Philips Pronto. It's a programmable remote and the IR codes for the amp and Blu-Ray player are easy to get, although I'm not sure about the projector. Thanks for taking the time to explain things, I really appreciate it. Michael
  13. With regards to the ripping.... I'll be using a 125" screen. Would the other 5% make a difference ? I haven't bought the Blu-Ray player yet .... it just seemed like the best option that I could find. Do you another suggestion? I see what you getting at in regards to the NAS. So I just rip the movies onto my computer and then move them (over the network) to the NAS? Hmm.... hadn't thought about the HDMI cables. Good point, thanks for that. Michael
  14. Then you want to run a HDMI cable from your computer to your AVR. Umm.. I gotta ask, what's an AVR ? Michael