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  1. This makes me mad only because I never knew about this amp and it looks to have absolutely everything I am looking for, Dac, sub out, ht bypass. Bugger I just bought a Primare i32 and there is one for sale 2nd hand for $990.
  2. Home theater installation

    Home theatre installs were great about 8-10 years ago but every-man and his black dog does it now. It's become just a basic handyman thing.
  3. Anthem Mrx 710 On Sale SNA

    No sorry remember, I got the Denon x4300
  4. Anthem Mrx 710 On Sale SNA

    As is usually the case, one pops up just after you buy a new one but I was after Atmos etc so don't feel too bad.
  5. Anthem Mrx 710 On Sale SNA

    Amazing as although not many people even use Atmos it brings the price of these great AVR's that don't have it right down.
  6. Yeah it think the only issues are the aesthetics and how to mount them, they are a weird shape.
  7. I have Richter Wizard mk4 mains, Richter Unicorn Center and B&W DS6 surrounds. When I move into our new home I will be setting up a 7.2.4 system, I was thinking of using the B&W's as surround back and getting 2 more Richter Unicorn centre's as side surrounds, I like to listen to alot of 5.1 SACD, DVD audio etc and I feel these would be a prefect match with fronts so is using centre speakers as surrounds a good idea or crazy?
  8. @IMDave good post and similar to what I found with the Elektra, either expectations were too high or speakers not over $20,000. Something to seriously consider is 2 subwoofers, if your current speakers are great in the mid range then from my short lived experience with 2 subs has really bought out the mids and highs even more so In my Richter Wizard speakers. I am not craving for a power amp now that i have really tested out my system today with 2 subwoofers. I was initallt concerned that 2 subs would be too bassy as I am not a bass head at all but as @Snoopy8 has explained better it is just so much smoother.
  9. Item: I3 Nuc with Roon ROCK and Raspberry PI 3 with Boss DAC and Roon endpoint Location:NSW 2285 Price: $550 free postage and no extra for paypal fees Item Condition:As new Reason for selling: Not prepared to buy full Roon License, I am happy enough with KODI as an all in one media player Payment Method: Paypal Extra Info: Intel Nuc is an I3 dc3217iye with 4g ram and 40G SSD I have 13168 tracks on Roon and it runs smooth as silk The player is a Rasberry PI 3 with Allo Boss DAC with Ropieee installed. Pictures:
  10. Marantz 6011 7.2.4

    Yes I know I was very hesitant leaving Ambertech and Integra. My last 3 machines were Integra's and not an issue.
  11. Marantz 6011 7.2.4

    Yeah I had the feeling they just didn't want upset customers getting a Yamaha, onkyo etc.
  12. Marantz 6011 7.2.4

    I'm pretty confident the Denon does as the Manuals are exactly the same. Qualifi are doing good deals on the Denon 4300's just because the Marantz's are hard to get. Just got to say you want a Marantz and sound disappointed when they say there is a 6 week wait.
  13. My opinion is that a Poweramp will not add to the quality of sound but will take the load of the AVR so the other channels can breath a bit easier so to speak. Agree with Snoopy as well and am heading down this road with getting 2 subs. I had an Elektra running the front 3 channels I didn't feel it added much, there is a reason why they are pushed heavily on the forums as you don't see advertising anywhere else for them do you.