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  1. Rubber surrounds. No they haven't been driven hard, no signs of age and i'm sure sound as good as the day they where born. They sound fantastic! Thanks for the suggestions, info and help guys. I've decided to keep the Harmonix. I think i'll get the moving guys to wrap them in those stiff woolen blankets and cross my fingers. im sure they will be fine~! /cry The Acoustics will remain a splinter in my mind till I get my hands on a pair and test them for myself... One day.
  2. and Michael, while ive got you here do you think a Volcanix can outperform a SVS pb-2000?
  3. My center is a Vortex Mk2. I'm changing my setup because i'm moving interstate and dont have the moving boxes. It would cost me around $200 for you guys to send new boxes i so was entertaining the option of selling the Harmonix and swapping to a new pair of Acoustix after the move in the belief that it may be even an upgrade for 99% home theatre use. Am i making a mistake?
  4. Just a few thoughts, I feel i may loose some low end positional volume from the mains and clarity of the midrange during intense scenes, due to the Acoustix only being 2-way. But to me this a a very "may" as i've heard that the Acoustix do low end quite well and during intense scenes the slight loss in midrange quality will be probably unnoticeable. Mains only contribute to around 30% to HT anyway?... without being able to to a b comparisons I think ill take a punt. All part of the fun.
  5. I own some Krix Harmonix mk1 speakers and am thinking of selling them and buying some Krix acoustix MK2 speakers for the same price. The Acoustics will replace the harmonix has my mains. Do you think that they will be equal to or better then my 9 year old harmonix for 5.1 home theatre use. I'm guessing that the sound quality will be better and I won't miss low end of the harmonix if I upgrade my sub also? Thoughts suggestions? Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks! I think... Price drop, $2500
  7. KickStart Computers in SA, it comes with a 3 year warranty so there's more than 2 years left on the warranty. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  8. Up for grabs is my Sony home theatre projector has had little use as you can see from the photos still has the original protective film on it, very little use at a guess less than 100 hours. Bought it about 7 months ago and hasn't been used for the last couple of months still in perfect condition. selling due to new baby. I'll also throw in 2 unopened Blu-ray movies and four 3D Xpand glasses valued at $70 each Price: $2,600 Willing to courier should be about $80