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  1. Should i get oppo 203 or 105

    So its still worth looking i to the 105 even tho its nearly 4 years old ( correct me)
  2. Hi Still debating to get the new 203 or older model 105. Yes i know the 203 is 4k by my system im building wont be based on 4k at the moment as im running a projector 1080p. Im after a good sounding player both for movies and stereo analogue via using the analogue outs staright to a power amp. Whats your thoughts?
  3. Region Free Blu-Ray Players

    You still selling your 103? I know its a old post
  4. EOI: SVS PB2000

    Ur mad 2 will always sound better than 1
  5. FS: OPPO 103 (non Darbee)

    I cant pm u?
  6. ok you pm me and will go from there cheers
  7. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    I did try the unit on the weekend (203) on my 7 channel amp and set the setting to variable and the sound was amazing im no audiophilist but it sounded very good. I only hooked up as a 2 channel and was amazed how it sounded.. after that I went thru the menu and it was so easy to use and has all the main setting a av would have eg Hz adjustment, speaker size, distance etc. Question.. does it do Atmos? and if I did hook up all 7 channels by using the analogue outs straight to my power amp will it still do Master Audio, Dolby etc etc no middle man
  8. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    What's your thoughts in using the 203 or 205 as a prepro as im planning to sell my av and run 203 straight to a 7 channel power amp.. what iv seen its more and capable and doing it with ease.. correct me if you use the 203 or 205 via HDMI straight to a av, will you be using the av dac and video processor?
  9. Dolby ATMOS DTS:X In-Ceiling Speakers

    not sure if you look in there site or even see for yourself at Hallam.. its Selby acoustics own brand
  10. Dolby ATMOS DTS:X In-Ceiling Speakers

    8 inch and well constructed, 4x $350 cant complain. iv got krix setup and will be running 5.2.4.
  11. Dolby ATMOS DTS:X In-Ceiling Speakers

    im in the same situation at the moment.. iv looked at some Selby, paradigm and jamo and heading towards Selby as I cannot not hear the difference between any of them
  12. Epson EH TW3500

    sale pending
  13. Epson EH TW3500

    sorry rather drop off or pick u..