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  1. OK. Thanks. Seems a little pricey to mod the players though! 😟
  2. I'd be even happy with one slightly bigger if it was still a Smart FHD. I'm just surprised Samsung don't cater and have similar models like as mentioned. Seems like a waste to me to have a 43" UHD TV in smaller rooms like bedrooms? You're not exactly getting the full benefit of it and at the higher prices too. 😟
  3. Cool. So, I assume the region locking would also apply to playing standard DVDs like with Blu-Rays on the Blu-Ray players? I have a few overseas DVDs that I can currently play on my old LG DVD player and I'm assuming these wouldn't play either on the Blu-Ray players (I understand BD won't). I'm surprised there's no "hack" for them like DVD players in the past.
  4. Yeah, I really do appreciate you taking the time searching mate but I came across that one before and it's not a Smart type according to the specs. It would be perfect otherwise. Why I can't find one that is FHD is 40" (or close enough) and is a Smart TV is very bizarre. Some of the other brands (namely LG and Panasonic but they use IPS panels of course) have these exact type of sets but Samsung seemingly don't for some strange reason. 😔 OK, thanks for that. No doubt there's a hack or something online for that Panasonic to unlock region restriction? 🙂
  5. Moot point as I'm after a 40" FHD model not 32. Plus I wouldn't buy it at that price anyways. 😬
  6. Do the M series come in 40" FHD? I can only see JB etc. with the UHD model. They don't have the IPS panels which is perfect as if it was that would be an issue for my setup with the poorer contrast noticeable in the dark environment it will be watched in. Great! So do they come in the 40" size model and FHD instead of UHD? Full HD set would be preferably to Ultra HD as it'd be more expensive and I've read waste of money for smaller sizes.
  7. Far from agonising over it trust me lol! Just getting opinions and pros/cons to each of them on here that's all. And yes, I'm planning on checking them out in person this weekend. I currently have a Samsung 32" (2009 model) which I'm hoping to replace with another Samsung later this year... or if all else fails a Sony. Unfortunately, the trouble is, I currently can't seem to find any 40" Full HD Smart TV's from Samsung or Sony on JB, HN or The Good Guys websites. There's plenty of UHD TV's 40"+ but no FHD. 🤔 So yes, that's why I'm asking between the Samsung and Sony players.
  8. This model would've been great but unfortunately just realised it is discontinued. 😋 Had average reviews here though:
  9. Would that be necessary with a smart TV though (which I'm considering on buying)? Unless that model is better in other ways? 🙂
  10. I've been unable to find any Samsung K series 6 in retail to be honest. Have this year's newer models been released? OK, since the lower end models with IPS have the poor contrast, I've come across this Samsung Full HD Smart model M5500 for around $700 at JB: Samsung Good Guys deal: By chance, would these models come in 40"? There's also this Samsung UHD 43" model MU6100 currently for $1100 (too pricey IMO). But from what I've read having a Ultra HD set in the smaller sizes is a complete waste of time so I probably wouldn't consider any UHD models anyways and am better off sticking with FHD.
  11. Just came across this one from Panasonic. Can't seem to find any reviews on it. Anyone recommend it?
  12. Yes, I read about that recently. I'd rather better quality than for wider viewing angles. This TV will be for the bedroom (room usually with lights off so higher quality would be a must in this instance I guess). I currently own a 32" HD Samsung from around 2009 which has been a fantastic investment over the years. I was thinking of sticking with them with this purchase as their quality in TV's is pretty good. Unfortunately, searching through the usual retail stores (JB HiFi, Good Guys, Harvey Normals), there doesn't seem to be many 40" Full HD Smart TV's around at the moment. Sony have some 43" around however -
  13. It seems the major differences between them is the 3500 has Wifi whereas the 1500 doesn't.
  14. OK. Which one would you recommend out of these two: DBPS1500: Or DBPS3500:
  15. Any recommendations on a Blu Ray player? Apart from this one from Samsung there doesn't seem to be many basic Blu Ray players currrently available in retail. Most have the smart features or 3D which I don't really need or want (and some of them I have read poor reviews ranging from slow startup to various issues etc).; And what's the deal with pretty much all players these days not having a front display on them? I'd rather one that has it. Seems it's impossible to find one that has one nowadays for some reason..