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  1. Thanks for the replies, folks. The original issue was the panel. They decided to give me a refurb replacement. I have a strong feeling this is also an issue with the panel (vertical lines across the screen), so I don't think the repair will be less than $250. Off to the dumpster then...
  2. O.P. The tv suddenly developed vertical lines as shown on the attachment. It's a 6 years old Panasonic 40 inch plasma which is worth bugger all these days. This is the second time the fault happened. The first time was under warranty. The question is, is it worth getting it repaired? I reckon it's at least $120 just for the call in fee, plus labour and parts which will bring it to $250 easy. More if they have to replace the panel. I am also looking to downgrade to 32 inch as this one is too big for the bedroom. And 32 inch LCDs are only ~$500 these days. It's just sad and devastating if I decide to throw it out, considering I paid $3,000 back in the day.
  3. Sadly it is getting harder and harder to get HD contents in Australia. Just the other day Bigpond DVD advised they're shutting down. Now Quickflix will have monopoly over Blu-Ray rentals. It's not looking good. I've given up on getting any HD on FTA, but now this.
  4. Thanks! Bought a copy today. Didn't know Dick Smith can be that cheap. And free delivery too!
  5. Big W price seems to have gone up to $88. Is this the cheapest we can get in Australia? I can buy from the Hut for around $70 but don't want to get caught in delivery delay between Christmas/New Year.
  6. I've never downloaded any contents or play the online features on any PS3 games, other than Topspin 3. Not a fan of multi-player FPS.
  7. I don't get it. So you returned your brand new Myer unit which you bought for $395, then bought a repack (refurb) unit from Dick Smith and paid $447? Unless the bundle costs a lot more, I would rather keep the brand new Myer unit anytime. Apart from being 2nd hand, lack of warranty is also a major deterrent.
  8. Wow, isn't the RRP still $699?
  9. Definitely sealed!
  10. Ordered Unchartered Drake 2 Platinum for ~$32 including shipping from The Hut. Arrived in 7 days. Compared to $50 Aussie retailers are charging.
  11. Dust? It's why PS3 went to matte' finish. It's weird that XBox went the other way. PS3's finish is perfect for me now. No more dust other than the shiny strip part where the buttons are.
  12. If IR or BI are non-existent anymore manufacturers wouldn't have put a disclaimer in their warranty. People who claim they've never had any IR either just can't see the IR or couldn't care less. People who have OCD like me can never ignore the problem and will continue to look for it and babysit the screen. Ditching it (or move it somewhere else) is a much healthier alternative.
  13. Do NOT try JScreenFix. It destroyed my plasma screen completely they had to replace the whole unit. Well, I don't know for sure if it was JScreenFix, but it happened straight after I ran the program, so who knows... In my experience IR can last for as long as one week. Maybe two, depending on the severity. The most damage was when my wife left the tv on the same channel and I ended up with 'Kevin Rudd wins election' banner for two weeks. But even on normal use such as playing games for 1 hour a day, it was enough to leave IR for 3-4 days. Similarly with cricket and the channel 9 WWOS logo. What tipped me over the edge is when Australian Open tennis is on. Two straight weeks, three hours a night of Channel 7's resplendent white logo is just a killer. So, solution was no more plasma for me. Bought a new LCD, move the plasma to the bedroom and no more headache.
  14. Sorry but that is the silliest comparison I have ever read. You can't compare cars which are worth thousands of dollars to an electronic equipment worth $500. The cost of wipers is ~$50 is minuscule compared to the cost of the car. Additionally cars are mechanical with many moving parts and therefore are expected to wear down not long after you bought it. The Toppy is a small electrical equipment and if the HDMI port stops working before 12 months I will not accept it and 'just use the components port'.
  15. I don't think so.