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  1. 7.2.4 Speaker placement

    in my room 6.5m x 4m x 3.1m high i run rears. some people seem to think rears are a waste of time.. i dont and in your room size with 2 rows of seating i would definately have them. as for the 2 sets of side surrounds mine are in series (technically forming a 16 ohm load.. 2 sets pf 8 ohm klipsch) which works fine with my denon 4311. if in parallel it would be 4 ohm load and althogh do able not advisable. i dont run seperate amps but from all my reading use the separate amp for the fronts and the rest off the marantz.
  2. Projector Or Large OLED TV

    good points from Al.. but i never bother with too many charts.. just what i like to look at. :-) still goes to why you should never buy/install a screen until all seating etc is arranged in your intended position then throw the picture on the wall and experiment with what you like from there. the fun of it all is getting it to your level of acceptance, fine tuning as you go along.. well its fun to some and to others its just a pain in the a***
  3. Projector Or Large OLED TV

    just a note with the centre speaker.. if it is not "pointing" to your ear level when seated, just get some soft rubber door wedges from bunnings to lift the front a bit. oh and from my even basic ht rooms.. buy a screen after you can test sizing /position on the wall first or if you have one already set it up last.. use the wall to get the position right first
  4. Projector Or Large OLED TV

    my 2 cents worth.. and only 2 cents by the way. i would go 110". you have a jvc pj ( i use entry benq so jvc are suppose to be the best so i cant imagine any picture quality issues that might detract from viewing on a 110" screen.).. so 110" should be fine. i sit 3m from a 123" screen. as you have 1 row of seating i would not mount the screen higher than 600-700mm off the floor (from the bottom of the screen) mine is at 810mm and it is a tad too high. also you will get better immersion when watching. yes not to put a pj in that room would be a shame.. after all you want a HT room not a TV room.
  5. 7.2.4 Speaker placement

    my setup is not your conventional HT i guess (i actually call it my "homely theatre" ) its all 2nd hand gear and totally diy.. paint, pj mount, screen, risers, speaker stands, purposely srounged low back seating etc etc. due to a structual double brick, steel reinforced aint going nowhere bulk head i bought an older denon avr4308. this has speaker connections for 2 sets of side surrounds plus 2 rears. so i was running 9 speakers and 2 subs (y splitter). worked grat but my 2 subs (15" front placement and 10" behind rear seat) was just below expectations. so i moved the 4308 to my 2nd ht room and got a denon avr4311 with audyssey xt32 that runs 2 individual subs.. i still connect the 2 side surrounds in series so 4 speakers to 2 connectors. with some tweaking it works, slightly below the other denon but the bass is important as i only watch movies or ps3 gaming.. nothing else. anyway.. yes i find my riser high enough as i have low back seating so that no rear sound is blocked to the front seats.. ii dont know how high your ceilings are (mine are 3.1m) you can check out the amazing builds on this forum, especially "709", as most have your riser style. at 3m it is great immersion but be aware of how high you mount the screen. mine must be at 810mm but from use 600/650 would be much better and stll easily visible from the back row, especially as your riser is higher. i suggest projecting onto the wall to determine mounting height visible from all seating before mounting the screen. i dont run atmos. personal choice, physical room design, seating either side of the bulk head that hangs down 800mm, cost of changeover and just dont need it. but i hear many love it. oh.. 2 rows of seating get 2 subs.. 1 row of seating get 2 subs.. 1 chair get 2 subs.. get the idea? :-)
  6. 7.2.4 Speaker placement

    my platform is only about 250mm but i dont have steps to mine.. i have a bulk head between my 2 rows so i run 2 sets of side surrounds, 1 inline with each row of seats. my 1st row is 3m from a 123" screen and the 2nd row 4m from the screen. i wish i had a 130" screen as the 4m has no real immersion.. 4.5m is starting to get too far away and i feel you will definitely be sitting in the front row.
  7. Denon AVRX3300

    great to know and have it noted on the ad. just thought it needed clarifying to help your sale. ( plenty of imported denons have popped up recently stating new with 12 month warranty.. but they are not from aust authorised dealers ie german imp.) all the best with your genuine sale
  8. Denon AVRX3300

    hmm brand new so comes with aust receipt and aust warranty or is new import.. thanks
  9. First home theater

    just a small thing to consider.. the 5.1 system you have seems a HTIB system although seemingly a very expensive one. from a review i read it seems to be a good quality HTIB though. yet as many who have a dedicated HT room will surly confirm it is rare not to upgrade items as time goes by. so allowing for HTIB speakers now may cause problems later if you decide full size floor standers/ centre/sub are the go down the track and that 135" screen stops you. +1 for a fixed screen... no wrinkles or potential for them
  10. First home theater

    well dont know how much width you speakers take up but some screen only widths (need to add in the surround borders) 16:9 120" 2.615m... 135" 2.0375m cinemascope 120" 2.7625m... 135" 3.106m some rethink need? i assume 1 row of seating.. what is the sub situation
  11. Home theater installation

    first question for any installer to guage his know how.. "what HT system do you have?" you have..?
  12. sorry you feel that way. as one of the several members who were scammed out of big dollars earlier this year we tend to watch out for things that dont seem to click. if those pictures were yours then i for one apologise. if not then you should have pointed that out in your advertising. wish you all the best with your sale as it is a great sub and klipsch are under rated.. (klipsch user)
  13. Help me setup a theatre room

    sorry for this but... you changed it back? to the un-workable design you had before? sorry best advise is to just buy a tv and put it on the tv stand.. forget trying to get good sound etc as members have tried to help but obviously sound. pj and ht experience is not what you are actually looking for. this is fine though at least you know you want a tv room and not a ht room. best of luck with your setup.
  14. Help me setup a theatre room

    hmm sorry for this opinion as i do wish you all the best with your room.. but if you are going to use the existing room setup with the speakers etc on that existing wall forget a projector. my last suggestion will imo work but no way would i bother with a pj on that "door" wall. get a tv but you will still need to sort out the 5.1 placement
  15. Help me setup a theatre room

    hmm just a thought.. change the room totally and face the long wall, chairs in front of the window. 4.2m less recline say 600mm gives you say 3.5-3.7m to the wall now you cam set the back speakers (actually these are your surrounds on stands/wall mounted 2 feet above your ears seated height. you can run a benq/epson entry pj for a 100 to 120" screen you can spread the front speakers/sub correctly. door way will be clear and sound should be better with a nice big screen and people seated in the best sound locations.