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  1. CB, I can relate to the problems you are having... Do you have your Toppy clock set to auto or manual mode?. Using manual clock mode is recommended. Channel 9 (Syd) is known to send "bugs" over the air which seems to play havoc with your recording times and file sizes. Another problem may be the Toppy Hard Drive running out of space, it can shorten your recording times too. I have been recording Ch9 shows mostly troublefree this year until I recorded Lord of the Rings a couple of weeks back, the file size for LOTR was greater than 25 Giga btye. Yes it was >25Gb!. I gave Ch 9 a grin for getting away with their "dirty tricks" like that. All the other stations I record don't have a problem. Don't curse at your Toppy all the time but to the station you having recording problems with.... Hope I have helped in any way. Pepper
  2. Just say the OK button is not OK. OK?
  3. Yes, this is BAD in soooo many ways. Breach of your contract with Foxtel. Damaging personal property not belonging to you (this bit is probably criminal). And probably breach of the Copyright Act for trying to get around a copyright protection system. My recommendation would be strongly against doing anything like this. I have no doubt Foxtel will come down very heavy on anyone who does this. Questions is whether they will ever find out? Well, if you go tell the world, probably quite easily. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I believe it is happening already with xbox live. Your xbox live internet account is automatically suspended by MS via remote checking for any modifications to your xbox console. Of course, Foxtail will be monitoring your setup remotely from behind the bushes somewhere!.
  4. There is nothing in any act of Australia that says you can make recordings for your own personal use. The Privacy Act has no "superpowers". It is an act of parliament, just like any other. It only started giving you rights against companies about 4 years ago when the Federal Privacy Act was extended to apply to companies. The act does not apply in relation to State governments (including State policy) or against individuals, unless you are lucky to live in a state with its own privacy legislation (which is a minority of states). In any event, there are lots of exceptions to the application of the Privacy Act. For example, it does not apply in "the prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution or punishment of criminal offences, breaches of a law imposing a penalty or sanction or breaches of a prescribed law" (this would include copyright infringement) or "the preparation for, or conduct of, proceedings before any court or tribunal, or implementation of the orders of a court or tribunal". In other words, if you do something that breaches a law, you can't hide behind the Privacy Act. The only act that had "god" powers is the Constitutions. It overrides any other act. Hassle your local federal member to get a Bill of Rights inserted into the constitution like so many other countries. However, even if we got a Bill of Rights, it is not going to protect you if you break the law. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You have so good points there. Let me clarify a bit about the privacy act that I think will protect me. If I bought a recording device from a big shopping centre. Do you think the shop will release my purchasing details to investigators. Again, would Topfield Australia release database details of their customers? - I don't think so. Can you see the privacy act working there - for the general consensus of PVR owners. So, how are you going to get caught with a FTA recording in your house?.
  5. 'very interesting...' as Get Smart will say...
  6. I have nothing to worry about getting busted by the 'copyright' cops. I am shielded under the umbrella protection of the privacy act. The common consumers have rights on recording media for their own personal use. e.g. Microsoft cannot act, if you have any illegal SW copies as found on your computer by MS automatic web updates. You are protected. The privacy act has "god" powers and are right on top of the pecking order. On another note, why PVR's are called Personal Video recorders anyway?. It will be interesting 'how' are you going to get caught with a FTA recording.
  7. Maybe ICE has melted?
  8. Why will you be using such old outdated technology in 2010? By then anything you want will be able to be streamed when you want it via your 10Mbps broadand Internet connection. In fact, television as we know it today will have died in aound 2008. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Currently the ADSL2 spec is rated up to 8Mbit per sec down your existing telephone line, it makes all PVR's and DVD player's obsolete almost overnight. Scary!. Pep
  9. I'll take a peek tonight, thanks for the response. I should of been more informative. And I should of known better. Sorry about that. Just a long day in the office fixing other peoples problems and then the wife told me about the toppy. Will look into it, but if it happens again she has said its going. So if that happens the toppy will be up for sale.. and heaven forbid I will need to install mythtv EDIT: Timer extend is already installed. Its one of my TAPS I use from day one. So can't understand why it still happened. Will confirm the auto/manual time thing, but if you could confirm what you mean by this it might help me understand. Is this the system unit time you refer too? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry ,to see you feel that way with your Toppy. All I can say is, relook at your SIGNAL quality performance & leave it on auto time!. Either auto & manual time makes no difference to your problems in MHO. Pep
  10. go for it!!!, xmas is too far away
  11. I did have similar problems with the timer skipping ahead and nothing was recorded. Since I moved house and using an external antenna inside the roof, I have no timer recording issues at all for the last 4 months. At least 12 recordings every week!. My Toppy is Apr04 FW & set to auto time. Whilst my timer been trouble free, in that timeframe I have also stopped watching 9. Surprised at my Toppy behaving now... Pep.
  12. Indoor or outdoor antenna?, which one are you using? Pep
  13. Hi Fossil, Just thought there was "something missing" from the forums for this month of March. Hope you and your Toppies are well. Taa Pep
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  15. I have found a solution with the CH9 timestamp and it works!, whilst keeping auto toppy time. Avoid watching any programs on CH9 live. Then the -4mins CH9 timestamp does not stuff up your timer recordings. If you need to watch CH9, use a timer recording instead and watch it delayed even by 10 mins so you can skip ads. (good example; when Eddie Macquire says "back after the break" - skip the ads ). CH7 has won me over with their new programs. Like you, I lost respect for CH9 and am pretty sure CH9 are technicially incompetence with digital TV. Pep.