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  1. I think it's laughable that people are buying modern 4K displays in increasingly large sizes and then complain about how bad sd tv looks.It's not the tv's fault for showing how bad the content is so stop asking people to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.I actually ran some of my own content of this tv in the store today and i was pretty impressed.with bright content in a bright environment i would rate it as the best edge lit LCD i've ever seen with only minimal colour deviations at the very edge of the left and right sides and no DSE across football pitches.With darker content however it's a different story, the 7th gen OLED's just smash it into a billion pieces
  2. HDR on LCD requires the backlight to be maxed out to achieve brightness level for the highlights of the content.Once you max out the brightness of an LCD there is nowhere for the flaws to hide.
  3. Buying any LCD TV is always a crap shoot.I have never had any luck with them from any manufacturer which is why i have sworn never again will i throw my money away on one only to be disappointed when i get it home.The narrow viewing angles on most of them mean that sitting off centre shows up the backlight issues clearer and also the bigger the screen size the greater any issue will be magnified.Touch wood my Samsung F8500 plasma is still going strong but the day it goes tits up it's an OLED for me.
  4. LG's prices are BS!The 65" C7 should be ticketed under $5k and that's where the bargaining with the sales guy should start.They should stop trying to price gough us and instead concentrate on blowing Samsung's fake Qled out of the water.Match there high end Qled at say $400 more and say game on biatches!
  5. I question why the prices are so high in Australia?Since the release of the LG C7 months ago the street price of the 65"has only dropped by $500.In the US LG Oled's have dropped by thousands with the 65" C7 selling for under $3k with bonus's thrown in.Even with 10% gst added on that would put it at $4250 aud?
  6. Sony!It puts quality into it's range all the way down to the smallest size.Enough said.
  7. As far as i know Panasonic always said they would be in stores by July and last time i talked to my man at HN a few weeks back they were still on target for that.There was never any release time given for the Sony in OZ so don't know about them.One thing HN guy also told me is he will be getting OLED tv's from Toshiba and Philips which is great news from a price competition perspective.
  8. As soon as HD DVD died it was clear that Blu Ray was worth investing money in as vitually all content producers swung there support behind it.Anyone who predicts that HDR is going to be a sales success in the mainstream market is a braver gambler than me because rest assured if there is no money in it for the producers there will be no content to watch.I'm in the market for an LG C7 myself but it's performance in SDR that i'm interested in.Price is still way to high but a little birdy told me that LG will drop there price when the Sony and Panasonic OLED's hit the stores.
  9. So does that mean we are going to see the AFL football broadcast in HDR any time soon?Maybe they will save it for Home and away.I don't see it having any impact on what 98% of what most people will be watching in the lifespan of say this years HDR tv's.My guess is that if HDR does evolve into something that everyone wants that this years models will be long obsolete and you are better to save your money before investing in it.
  10. Very informative videos that help explain the dogs breakfast that is HDR,the latest fad from the guys who brought you the failed 3D and curved screen fads.Trying to take HDR content mastered at 4000 nits and then display it on monitors ranging from 600 to 1000 nits is a woefully poor way to try and gouge extra money from your TV sales.If you charge more money for HDR tv and then clip all the detail between 600 to 4000 nits you are the epitome of a snake oil salesman.
  11. I think we need a LG tech to explain why there has been so many near black issues with the WOLED panels.It is clear that the problem is with the panel itself as we now have Sony,Panasonic,Philips and Loewe using there own engines to drive the panel with none of them making any real world diffirence.
  12. After reading this and the reviews for the Sony A1E it seems clear to me that predictions of other manufactures processing engines blowing away LG's was wildly optimistic.Yes the Panasonic can produce accurate colour,so good in fact that calibration is a waste of money as the factory settings have errors less than perceivable by the human eye.But it still only gets a 9/10 because of the banding of colours at near black which is a flaw of the current OLED panel technology.The difference in the 2017 Oled's comes down to styling and flaws that most consumers would not notice.
  13. Just add an extra $300 for the Panasonic then i guess
  14. Panasonic OLED's have a price. https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/televisions/oled-tvs.html the 65" 950U only $300 more than the LG C7.Hmmnn that makes things more interesting.
  15. +1 on that one.Just never been able to find a full sized LCD TV i was ever happy with.I always seem to get one with backlight bleed issues and as soon as you get off dead centre viewing angles the issues just get magnified.Never again for me i think LCD is better suited to smaller dimensions.Now i have two 32" VA panel pc monitors set up side by side which i'm very happy with.I can have foxtel sport running on one while i'm doing pc stuff on the other.